Hampton Hotels – Save A Landmark Program! – NC Has Some Very Notable Entries!

Wow – What a really cool program!  Hampton Hotels has pioneered a program by which they intend to “save” a landmark property in all 50 states!  Since April 2000, volunteers have refurbished 30 landmarks.  You can preview them here

Their goal is an honorable one!  They want to restore landmark properties throughout the US that honor the achievements of historical legends.  Thus fa,r a few of the notable are Dr. Martin Luther King, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Amelia Earhart and P.T. Barnum.  One of their last for the year will be Edgar Allan Poe.

Three properties in the Raleigh area are nominated and here they are:

The Coolmoor Plantation

The Coolmore Plantation is one of the most treasured gems in the American South.   The 1858 plantation house is treasured for its visionary Italianate design, decorative furnishings and the wealth of documentation on the operation of the plantation.



The Joel Lane House

Known as “The Father of Raleigh,” Joel Lane built his home in the early 1770’s in what was a very rural part of North Carolina. Lane facilitated the location of North Carolina ‘s capital city on his land, directly contributing to the creation of America ‘s Great South.


Old City Jail in Mulberry

In the heart of Andy Griffith’s hometown, Mount Airy, sits the re-creation of “The Courthouse” seen for decades on the popular television series, The Andy Griffith Show . Once the town’s real jail, Old City Jail is surrounded by the recreations of Mayberry’s favorites.


If you would like to vote you can visit their website!  They will announce on December 5 the landmark chosen for 2009.  If you know of a property that is not on their list in your area and you would like to nominate it you can visit the link here.