Be on the Look Out for These Open House Thieves! North Orange County Agents PLEASE READ!

Please read Cristal’s account of her most unfortunate Open House this past weekend.  While I am obviously extremely sad for Cristal I am sure that she shares this story as a warning to all of us!

This is a reminder that no matter how vigilant we THINK we are at our Open Houses the sneakiest of the sneaky can get us.  I am just so thankful that it was only a wallet and that Cristal is fine and was able to share her words of caution.


Via Cristal Drake, Realtor Fullerton Real Estate (Prudential California Realty):

I had a great open house scheduled for yesterday; an AWESOME home, priced to sell and I had lots of interest in this one….I set up, put my purse in a cabinet, out of site but within my site…just like I always do. I am always cautious about this and am ready for my open house!

Apparently, the only intrest was NOT in the house.  Please learn from what happened to me and be on the look out for this group!

Early in the day, two ladies come in. I start speaking to them and one speaks no English. The other is looking for a home and is here from Santa Barbara.  She says she likes the house and is going to call her husband.  I immediately get a strange feeling and stay on my guard.  Your gut is usually right.

She hangs up and there are a few others in and out and then a man shows up that gave me that same weird feeling. I send a text to my husband to see if he is near so he can stop by. I make sure I am close to the door but with my eye on my belongings (luckily it is a bank owned home so nothing else really to worry about).

He doesn’t answer so I keep my eagle eyes on these three, but stay near a door and keep my eyes on my belongings, noting my purse in the cupboard.

The ladies call me out to ask me a question and I am trying to figure out where that guy is.  I go just far enough to answer her questions but I make sure to stay where I can see what is going on inside…..or so I thought. sigh

They all leave separately but ALL offer to sign my registry. No one offers this!!! So many red flags, I am so mad at myself for not immediately going to that cabinet and holding onto my purse! But by this time, I have a full open house and am busy so I don’t even think about it.

Of course you know what I am getting at here. I get home, have a message from CHASE regarding unusual activity on my credit card. Sure enough, WALLET IS GONE! 

If you are a North Orange County Agent, be on the look out for the following:

1. Hispanic woman

  • late 20’s 
  • about eight months pregnant
  • long black hair
  • about 5’6″
  • bad teeth
  • a big scrolling tattoo of a name on her neck. It was like Angelica or something long those lines.

2. Her “sidekick” also Hispanic

  • late 20’s and does not speak English
  • shorter and pretty
  • long wavy hair

3. Hispanic Man (will come in seemingly unreated)

  • early to mid 30’s
  • nicely dressed
  • about 5’9″

Go with your gut!  They know how to get you distracted. I was even on to them and I STILL GOT IT! If you feel like something is wrong, it probably is. I am now locking everything in my car trunk that I do not absolutely need. I am not sure how much better that is.  With all the “smash and grabs” going on the car isn’t safe either!

It’s obviously not just the money, the cards, the inconvenience, the violated feeling but the huge amount of time it is going to take me to get this sorted out!  If this helps even one agent then I feel a little better. This economy is bringing out desperate people!

Please, spread the word and be on the look out!



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