Wake Forest NC – Plastic Bottles BANNED in North Carolina!

For those of you that may have missed the “Plastic Bottle Ban” in North Carolina here is a great re-cap from Penny Hull with Stanton Homes.

North Carolina is a leader in the country in their Green efforts whether it be home building, retro upfits for exisiting homes and, of course, GREEN practices in our everyday lives!


Via Stanton Homes – Penny Hull Raleigh NC Custom Home Builders (Stanton Homes – Triangle NC New Homes):

Raleigh Relocation Information

Plastic Bottles Banned From All Landfills in North Carolina

NC Building Nation’s Largest Plastic Recycling Plant

Green Movement NC - Plastic Bottles Banned - Green Homes NCAs of Oct. 1, 2009, North Carolina will no longer allow any rigid plastic containers in landfills.  This law applies to any plastic bottle with a neck smaller than the container itself, which includes water bottles, soda bottles, milk jugs, shampoo bottles, and much more.

NC is the first state in the Southeast to forward the green movement with a statewide plastic bottle ban.  Wisconsin and Massachusetts have similar laws, as do a few municipalities across the nation. 

Shaw Industries (which manufactures Green Label carpets) is one of the partners building the nation’s largest facility to recycle and process plastic bottles, with a maximum capacity of 280 million pounds of material per year! 


Amazing that we can manage to use that much plastic in a year, and good to hear it’s going to be remade into other products, like Green Label carpets

Read More About Going Green in the NC Triangle

Building a Green Home in NC



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