Wake Forest NC – The Twisted Vine Wine Shoppe – Historic Downtown Wake Forest!

Historic Downtown Wake Forest NC just got an incredible new addition to its already impressive list of destination shops – the Twisted Vine Wine Shoppe!

Twisted Vine is owned by some familiar faces in Wake Forest NC – yep, the same smiling and friendly faces that you see at the Wake Forest Coffee CompanyAlbert Barneto and Bob Cubillas.       

Twisted Vine has some amazing wines available from all over the world including Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Austrailia, and France to name just a few!  They also stock some tremendous Yadkin Valley wines that come from here in our own back yard – North Carolina! When selecting their wines for inventory they reached out to the Wake Forest NC community and solicited their feedback as to what they wanted to see – so, this really is a wine shoppe for the community! 

They have wines for every budget and every occasion whether a light white wine for an afternoon picnic in the park to a deep, rich, decadent red for a dinner party!  Be sure to check out their climate controlled wine cooler – I have never heard or seen of one before but Bob was quick to educate me on the thermometer and how it works and keeps the wines at the PERFECT temperature!

The shoppe itself is beautiful!  Exposed brick walls, tall windows with rich coverings, and rustic hardwood floors lend to the ambiance and they have done a fabulous job with their displays! They have a bar set up for their special events which are popular and frequent.  Be sure to join them for one of their tastings– you never know what kind of wine you might discover.

The Twisted Vine is a social butterfly of sorts as well – you can check them out at their website:

Twisted Vine

their Facebook page:

Twisted Vine Facebook Page

and their Twitter account:

Twisted Vine Twitter

The hours of operation for the Twisted Vine are Wednesday – Monday from Noon until 9pm.  They are closed on Tuesdays.  Regardless of WHEN you stop by I am sure that you will see this guy there – the always present smile and ALWAYS willing to tell you a little bit about wine!  You rock, Bob!


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