Terms To Know When Dealing With Historic Properties

If you are interested in historic properties there are a few terms that you should familiarize yourself with.  A few of the words may sound similar and it can get somewhat confusing.  Here is a sampling of terms that you should become familar with when delving into the world of historic properties:

  • Rehabilitate:  To repair a structure and make it usable again while preserving those portions or features of the property that are historically and culturally significant.  For example, rehabilitation might include an updated kitchen while retaining the historic stairwell and fireplaces.  Most common approach for private houses.
  • Restore:  To return a building to its form and condition as represented by a specified period of time using materials that are as similar as possible to the original materials.
  • Stabilize:  To protect a building from deterioration by making it structurally secure, while maintaining its current form.
  • Renovate:  To repair a structure and make it usable again, without attempting to restore its historic appearance or duplicate original construction methods or material.
  • Preserve:  To maintain a structure’s existing form through careful maintenance and repair.
  • Reconstruct:  To re-create an historic building that has been damaged or destroyed; to erect a new structure resembling the old using historical, archaeological, architectural documents.
  • Remodel:  To change a building without regard to its distinctive features or style.  Often involves changing the appearance of a structure by removing or covering original details and substituting new materials and forms.

For more information regarding historic properties be sure to visit The National Trust for Historic Preservation where the above glossary can be found.  For information regarding Historic Properties in Wake Forest NC please feel free to give me a call or send me an email – I’d be happy to show you what Wake Forest NC has to offer!

If you are interested in Wake Forest NC events, homes for sale, area information, etc please be sure to check out Life in Wake Forest NC


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