Wake Forest NC – Tax Credits and They’re GREEN!

Green Living Tax CreditsSorry – this post isn’t about the $8000 Tax Credit but if you would like to learn more about that feel free to visit this post!

This post is regarding some Tax Credits that you may be able to take advantage of next year for Living Green!  There are quite a few Tax Credits available and so many people aren’t aware of them!  Here are just a few:

  • Hybrids and Alternative Power Automobiles:  Depending on the type of car you purchased you may be eligible for up to a $7500 tax credit.
  • Solar Systems:  Through 2016 the government will consider grantin a 30% tax credit if you have installed OR HAVE a Solar Panel System installed in your home!  Check that one out – you just might be eligible!
  • Energy Star Heating and Cooling Systems:  If you have upgraded your heating or cooling system this last year to an Enery Star rated system you may be eligible for a 30% tax credit.

Be sure to read the links for each specific tax credit to see if you qualify and as always……if you are unsure consult a Tax Specialist!

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