Wake Forest NC – YOU Should Become the Next Restaurant Critic!

yelp.comNew to Wake Forest NC?  Are you looking for some of the best places to eat, shop and meet your friends?  Well, other than my blogs Life in Wake Forest NC and Wake Forest NC – Small Town with Big Outlook why don’t you try Yelp.com?

Yelp.com has reviews on all of your favorite places in Wake Forest NC from REAL people!  Have you ever been to LaForesta?   Check out the reviews on Yelp.com by some of the locals here in Wake Forest NC to see what they have to say!  While your at it sign up and create your OWN profile on Yelp.com!  It is fast, easy and fun!  

Why don’t you become the next Wake Forest NC cheerleader?  Share your experiences of the local eateries and local services with everyone!  

If you want you can look me up on Yelp.com.  I don’t have many reviews yet but what I do have is genuine and from the heart.  I’d love to see you there……

Life in Wake Forest NC in wonderful…..


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