The Chatwal New York Revives Gotham Elegance

1930 Gotham Glamour to be reborn in New York! The Chatwal New York

The restoration of this iconic landmark is being undertaken by world renowned master architect and interior designer Thierry Despont.

A little history of the original building occupants: Established in 1874, The Lambs Club was the gathering place of those who would make Broadway and Hollywood history. Legendary member names include George M. Cohan, W.C. Fields, John Barrymore, Milton Berle, Fred Astaire, Irving Berlin and Will Rogers.

The Chatwal New York Revives Gotham Elegance


2 thoughts on “The Chatwal New York Revives Gotham Elegance

  1. The Lambs, Inc., is America’s oldest professional theatrical club, established in London in 1868 and in Manhattan in 1874. During our 140+ year history The Lambs has had many homes and, in 1905, erected its own clubhouse at 130 West 44th Street in Manhattan, designed by famed architect Stanford White; soon to be the new Chatwal Hotel.

    At its clubhouse The Lambs (often referred to as The Lambs Club) flourished producing many plays and programs rising into prominence within American Theater history. Lerner and Loewe first met at the The Lambs; Stalag 17 and Mark Twain Tonight were first produced in The Lambs’ theater.

    The Lambs® is a registered trademark of The Lambs, Inc.

    The Lambs has never gone out of business, nor licensed or franchised its name nor granted anyone permission to use its name, nor been affiliated with the Church of the Nazarene or other organization, nor operated as “The Lamb’s Theater” nor as the Friends of The Lamb’s. The Lambs, Inc. has never gone out of business or been purchased by another entity, and is proud if its 135+ years of uninterrupted existence serving its membership, which was recognized by Mayor Bloomberg marking the anniversary of our 1877 incorporation date on May 9, 2007.

    Our organization has resided on West 51st Street for the past 35 years and continues its legacy as a private club for professionals of the entertainment industry. The Lambs has no affiliation with the Chatwal Hotel or its restaurant/bar, other than they are located in the building erected by The Lambs in 1905.

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