Quick Tip To Share – Wonderful Uses for Lemon Juice and They’re GREEN!

Green Living TipsLemon juice can be used for so many different situations around the home!  Because of lemons acidity they are perfect for some tough cleaning jobs and are somewhat antiseptic and antibacterial.  Here are some great ideas for using lemon juice around the house:

  • If you have light colored countertops and they become stained with kool-aid, wine, food stains, etc just pour a little lemon juice on the stain and let stand for a few minutes.  After only a few minutes sprinkle some baking soda on the spot and scrub – the stain will disappear.  **I have personally tried this on a home I had listed that had a small cigarette burn/stain on a counter and IT WORKED!  Now, it wasn’t a deep and nasty stain but a stubborn one nonetheless.
  • Use a fresh cut lemon to clean your copper pots and copper fixtures!  Just cut a lemon into wedges or halves and rub over the copper – it removes spots FAST!
  • Add some lemon juice to vinegar and place in a spray bottle – you have a fantastic everyday cleaner!
  • GARBAGE DISPOSALS!  I am ALWAYS throwing lemons down my garbage disposal!  Not only does the juice of the lemon help deoderize the disposal bit the rinds help to sharpen the blades.

Live well, Live Green and Choose to Live in Wake Forest NC!  😉


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