I Have the MOST Creative, Talented and Funny Clients and I Love Them Dearly!

I have been so lucky to have such wonderfully talented, creative, kind and just down right FUNNY clients to work with.  I have a current client that I am working with that is out of state.  When I first spoke with him there was DEFINITE chemistry and he had me in stitches from the very first phone call.  We talked several times on the phone and via email before he and his family made the trip down to scope out some homes that I had sent. 

Unfortunately, they have their home on the market in VA and the sale fell through so we will just have to wait a little longer before they make the move.  In the meantime, they come down often, my son and their son have become the best of friends and we keep in touch with phone calls and emails. 

Yesterday, he left me the FUNNIEST (or at least I thought so) message on Facebook and I just had to share…..I hope that you find it as amusing as I did…..

“this aint no story, a rhyme or a quip,

we are lookin to sell a house to abandon this ship,

we feel the recession cuz we had a full glass ,

but now get only a sip, we hoped it might sell fast,

anxious for a one way NC trip,

we no longer care if its new or a flip,

in a beautiful location or sold by a pimp,

please leesa, please keep us informed of any broken hips…..”

I am not going to explain the broken hip comment but WE know what it means. 

Isn’t this the greatest job on the planet?


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