A Witty Poem in Response to My Witty Buyer….

Many of you read and commented on my post I Have the MOST Creative, Talented and Funny Clients and I Love Them Dearly! and I really appreciate that – it was just too much fun not to share!

Well, after putting the rhyming skills to work I came up with what I thought was a pretty good response!  My buyer thought so as well as did quite a few others!  So much so that I have another buyer from New York that wants a poem – I LOVE my clients!

Here was my response:

If it’s a Wake Forest home you seek,

Then come on down and let’s take a peek!


While the economy is lackluster,

Your cahones you should muster….


A one way NC trip you request,

And that I can be sure you’ll be blessed


Your sister trusted me with her search,

So take the leap and get off your perch!


A house with a basement, a home with a history,

To me you see it’s no great mystery.


Instead of a searching with a feeble mouse click,

All you had to do was call the Wake Forest House Chick!


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