Looking for a Foreclosure in Wake Forest NC? Updated Report Now Available!


Life in Wake Forest NC Foreclosure Report Update – Week of December 7, 2009
Wake Forest NC

  Wake Forest NC House ChickYou are receiving this email because you have previously downloaded a Foreclosure Report from my website www.LeesaFinley.com or www.WakeForestHouseChick.com.  

The latest foreclosure report for Wake Forest NC, Rolesville NC and North Raleigh NC is now available for download at my website!  Feel free to take a peek and, as always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call me at 919.649.6128 or send me an email – I would be happy to help!     Ciao,   wake forest nc house chick  a.k.a.  Leesa L. Finley  🙂

A Few Places That You Can Find Me On The Web…. I can be found on MOST social networking sites and would welcome the opportunity to connect with you there!  You can find me at: 

I hope to see you around a few of these sites – please say HELLO!

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Foreclosure Reports:   Week of December 7, 2009 now available for download
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