Restaurants in Wake Forest NC are FANTASTIC! Go Someplace New Tonight!

With the Holiday Season upon us there is much more foot traffic in Historic Downtown Wake Forest NC!  Why?  Because of the excellent shopping in Wake Forest NCIf you missed to post with all of THE places to shop you can check it out here!  

So, while you are downtown Wake Forest NC shopping and the hungry bug hits you don’t worry!  There is a huge variety of restaurants in historic downtown Wake Forest NC with a little something to please everyone!

  1. Backfins Crabhouse – a great little seafood restaurant!
  2. Forks Cafeteria – delicious home cooked foods.
  3. LaForesta Italian Cafe & Pizzeria – no need to mention that this is one of my FAVES!
  4. Las Margaritascheck out my review of this fantastic little Mexican restaurant
  5. Olde English Tea Room – delightful little spot for afternoon tea and a light lunch.
  6. Over The Falls Deli – scrumptuous deli sandwiches piled high with your favorites!
  7. Pies & More – Southern cooking at it’s finest.
  8. Seafood Shack – great little “seafood shack” 😉 
  9. Shorty’s Famous Hot Dogs – well, guess what they are famous for?  Amazing HOT DOGS!
  10. A la Mode – Homemade Gelato and ice cream
  11. Wake Forest Coffee Company – a popular local coffee shop with superb lattes and great pastries!

All of these restaurants are within walking distance in Historic Downtown Wake Forest NC.  So, the next time you are downtown and want a bite to eat don’t forget the local restaurants – they are truly unique and delicious!

Life in Wake Forest NC just got a whole lot tastier!

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