Quick Tip To Share – Some Unusual Uses for Cucumbers and THEY’RE GREEN!

Quick Tip to Share - Uses for CucumbersWell, Carol Smith, this one is for you!  I have been spending quite a bit of time on-line trying to find some interesting and unusual uses for cucumbers and I must say that I have found quite a few!

Did you know……

  • If you rub a slice of cucumber on your bathroom mirror it will not only eliminate the steam/fog on your mirror but it will add a spa-like fragrance to the air.
  • Place a few slices of cucumber in a pie tin and place in your garden if you are having problems with grubs and slugs.  The chemicals in the cucumber will react to the aluminum if the pie tin and give off a scent that repels the grubs and slugs.  The cool thing?  Humans can’t smell it.
  • Cucumbers clean stainless steel!  I know, right???  I had to try this one and IT WORKED!  Rub cucumber slices on the surface you want to clean and it will remove tarnish and bring back a shine.  AND, it doesn’t leave streaks.  Faucets, sinks, stainless steel – TRY IT!
  • The skin of a cucumber works great for removing ink pen, crayon and marker!  Got a few spots on the wall from the kids?  Try it!
  • Cucumbers can also be pureed and used to sooth burns and insect bites.



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