Three Distinct Historic Districts in Wake Forest NC – Which Is Right For You?

I am so fortunate to live in Wake Forest NC!  We have some amazing Historic Districts and each of them have distinct characteristics!  Recently posted on What’s YOUR Circa is my article outlining the separate districts.  I hope that you take a moment to explore our Historic Districts in Wake Forest NC!

“Wake Forest NC is a small town right outside of Raleigh NC with a rich, historic background!  Many people to this day still confuse the town of Wake Forest with where the Wake Forest University is located.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  The University moved to its current location in Winston-Salem, NC back in 1956 but that’s another blog post altogether.

I am always receiving phone calls and email from buyers seeking a historic property in the Wake Forest NC Historic District.  Well, that can be tricky – we have several!  Wake Forest NC actually as three Historic Districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places.”  You can read the rest of the article here…..

Life in Wake Forest NC is rich in history….



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