Seeking The Oldest Home For Sale in Raleigh NC Area? circa 1800

Historic PreservationI was doing some research this morning while preparing my next Historic Home tour and decided to see what the oldest home currently for sale was in my MLS are in North Carolina.  I was stunned with what I found!  Check out this amazing home!

“I was searching to see what the oldest homes were that are for sale in the Raleigh NC area and I was torn between two homes.  Please understand I am NOT saying this is the oldest home in the area but it is currently the oldest home available for sale.

The home I chose is 321 W. Margaret Lane in Hillsborough NC.  (circa 1800) The reason for the hesitation to include this home is that it was originally a 400 square foot two room kitchen home that has been added on to.  However, seeing that this historic homes was the 2009 Historic Preservation Winner and viewing the pictures and reading of all of the time and effort that went into the painstaking saving of this landmark I decided it was extremely worthy and was indeed the oldest home currently on the market in my area of North Carolina.”

For the list of features and more information check out the full blog post at What’s YOUR Circa!  The historic home is simply amazing and the work done to restore, rehabilitate and preserve it is nothing less than impressive!

Historic Preservation is not only abundant in Wake Forest NC but throughout the Carolinas…..



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