I Can Sell A House in Wake Forest NC BUT I Can’t Perform Miracles!

Wake Forest NC House ChickMy great friend Dean Moss wrote a terrific post with everything in it that I have wanted to post but could just never quite put into words.  Maybe it is because Dean had such a great real-life story that illustrates so eloquently the points of properly pricing your home and why we WON’T take over-priced listings.

I have written several posts in the last week or so dealing with this exact issue.  Here are two of them that might be a great read in tandem with Dean’s post below.

Wake Forest NC Real Estate Market is COMPETITIVE!  Be Smart!!

Don’t Gamble in the Wake Forest NC Real Estate Market and Become THAT House!

What is important to remember about the Wake Forest NC House Chick is that I don’t get paid until a listing sells.  What that means is…… when I list your home for sale in Wake Forest NC I go to the mat for you with marketing your home.  If your home for sale in Wake Forest NC is not priced properly chances are it will not sell.  That is a lose-lose situation – I don’t get paid for my efforts and you as the seller do not get paid either – the home simply doesn’t sell.

So, NO – I will not and do not take every listing and I won’t.  There are some listings that would require a miracle and last time I check I hadn’t quite reached sainthood.


Via Dean Moss – Dean’s Team Chicago IL Real Estate Team (Dean’s Team – Keller Williams Lincoln Square Chicago IL):

Via Dean Moss – Dean’s Team Chicago IL Real Estate Team (Dean’s Team – Keller Williams Lincoln Square Chicago IL):

Saturday Morning, January 9th, 2010. 

One of the shortest meetings with a prospective Listing Client in my Real Estate Career!

The owner of a now-vacant home in the Chicago Suburb of Niles IL asked me to provide my pricing strategy and proposals last Fall.  She apparently did not like what I told her back then – and did not put the home on the market with any Real Estate Practitioner at the time.

Now, in the New Year, she surprises me with a return call.  She wants our Team to list our house now.  Under the same pricing structure as I proposed last Fall.

Problem is . . . prices in her immediate area have fallen an average of an additional 14.2% since our last meeting!

One close comparable, in the same general vicinity and Elementary School District, and in the same style and roughly the same number of square feet as her property, is still active on the market.  It is now a short sale, and has a current listing price nearly $60,000 less than it was when I met with my prospective client last November.  And it has been at this new, lower price point for over 45 days, unsold!

But she didn’t want to hear about this and other realities in her own neighborhood.  She did not care about the plight of others nearby.  And she did not want to wait longer – perhaps months, even years – for the market to turn back in her favor.  She wanted her price NOW – because that’s her “Break Even” number.

As a Real Estate Practitioner, I had a decision to make, right then and there.  And I made it – I would not take the listing at her too-high price.  It made no sense to do so!


It wouldn’t have sold!  Further, if her listing went unsold at her demanded list price, it seemed unlikely she would later lower her asking price enough to generate a sale in today’s market.  And, likely, she would have berated me every time I proposed further reduction.

So . . . faced with likely lack of respect and understanding for my future hard work on a home priced too high, coupled with about $1,000 in marketing and advertising costs, considerable time and labor to set up and manage her listing, and the slim chance of getting paid . . .

. . .  I refused to sign on!

What would have been the point?  Isn’t adding an Unsalable Listing to my inventory would have been worse than not taking the listing at all?

As good ole’ Michael Corleone said in the classic Godfather movie, “Nothing personal.  Just Business!”

Would a lawyer take on a fee-contingent case without a good chance of winning? 

Would any professional take on new business if they knew the chances of getting eventually paid were negligible? 

Would a staff employee take on a new full time job if the prospective company were teetering on the brink of insolvency, and it was a crap shoot whether he would ever receive a paycheck?

No!  Didn’t think so!

Yet, so often in the Real Estate Business, we find desperation agents taking on haughty clients without the likely chance of bringing home a nickel to their families.  All in the name of . . . what?  Serving the community?  Serving the client?  Getting additional listing practice?

Actually . . . Nothing!

Year’s ago, back when Richard Nixon was President of the United States, I remember a cute little pop song by Bill Deal and The Rhondels, based on the long-standing saying, “Nothing Succeeds Like Success.”  In the Sumer of ’70, I went out and plunked down $1.49 on the ’45 RPM record.

Every rational Real Estate Client wants SUCCESS, and will gladly sign on with and competitively pay someone likely to get it.

The irrational ones?  Those that want their Practitioner to spend lots of money, invest lots of time, and nod their head “yes” whenever asked?  Not worth getting involved with, I would say!

You’ll never get paid for the hard work you do, and neither will your clients.  So . . . what’s the point?

Hey – what say you?  Please share!



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