Dirty Driveway? Clean It Up with Happy Trails Concrete Cleaning!

If you are thinking about selling your home in Wake Forest NC or your home is already on the market I am sure that you focused on curb appeal.  Please tell me you did, right?

Home sellers spend so much time, and rightfully so, planting flowers, tending to their landscaping, sprucing up the front porch, painting the mailbox, and getting all the little details “just right” on the outside so that their home has star curb appealBut, what about the driveway?  The sidewalk?

So many times I have shown houses in Wake Forest NC and the sellers have neglected to get that nasty, ugly oil stain off the driveway.  Or they overlook the worn and dark concrete of their sidewalk that at one time was beautiful.  Or, worse yet, I have seen drives and sidewalks where the sellers DID think about those areas only to try and “clean” it themselves.  The result?  White zebra lines on the concrete from where the seller used a pressure washer!  Oh, and don’t forget the hand cramps from holding the lever on the pressure washer or the back pain from the hours it took to “draw” the unintentional abstract design on the concrete.

There is now a cure for all of that and an inexpensive way to get those drives and sidewalks back to almost new looking condition!

Happy Trails Concrete Cleaning!

For less than $200.00 Happy Trails can come to your home with their specialized equipment and get that drive and those sidewalks looking great!  Here are some great shots that show “before and after”.

Happy Trails Concrete Cleaning Wake Forest NC

The bottom of this picture is showing the before.  See how clean and bright the driveway is getting back towards the home?

Happy Trails Concrete Cleaning Wake Forest NC

Another great photo showing an area that HAS been professinally cleaned by Happy Trails and a spot that hasn’t been touched yet.


If you would like to get in touch with Happy Trails about your concrete driveway and sidewalks you can simply call Robert Woessner at 919.218.0696 or you can simply send him an email!

So, when it comes time to sell your home in Wake Forest NC and you are focusing on curb appealdon’t forget the CONCRETE!


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