Wake Forest NC Historic Homes and a COA – What it That?

Many times homebuyers dream of owning a historic home.  The historic homes in Wake Forest NC are absolutely beautiful and I often see cars parked in front with stars in the occupants eyes just dreaming away…..okay, maybe that’s me but you get the point.

While owning a historic home is a dream for many it is also a priviledge and with that comes some certain guidelines that one must follow.  One that ANY historic homeowner should become familiar with is a Certificate of Appropriateness or a COA.

If you are a historic homeowner, a historic homeowner wannabe or just want to catch up on the lingo then head on over to my Historic Homes blog What’s Your Circa – you just might learn a little something!  You can read all about the Certificate of Appropriateness at this post:

Historic Homes and a Certificate of Appropriateness – Do You Need One?

Before you head off to What’s Your Circa check out some of the stunning historic homes in Wake Forest NC – gorgeous, aren’t they? Just move your mouse over the picture and you can find out which house it is!




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