You Know It’s An Old House When You Find THIS is the Lockbox…..

Wow, today was awesome!  I got to get out with some really great buyers that are full of vision and passion for historic homes!  We visited historic homes in Louisburg NC and then a few historic homes in Franklinton NC – they were all beautiful in their own way.

Some were renovated with very little work being done and others were mere shells that would take the new owners patience and perserverance to complete.

The last house on the tour today was in Franklinton NC and this is what we found in the lockbox.

Historic Homes for sale Wake Forest NC

It’s been a VERY long time since I have used one of these keys so, trust me, it did take a little time to get in the house and then to lock it back up.  But, wow, what a beauty it was!

If you are looking for a historic home in Wake Forest NC or the surrounding areas be sure to check out my blog Whats YOUR Circa – you can find so much information regarding historic homes there as well as my website Wake Forest NC House Chick!


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