Neighborhood Yard Sales in Wake Forest NC Equal Perfect Open House Oppportunities!

There are quite a few Neighborhood Yard Sales in Wake Forest NC this upcoming weekend!  What better opportunity for a home seller within the neighborhood to capitalize on all of the additional traffic coming

Here are just two of the neighborhoods this weekend where you can find Neighborhood Yard Sales:

  • Carriage Run
  • Pemberley

If you live in one of these neighborhoods and your home is for sale you should speak with your Realtor® about hosting an Open House!  Neighborhood Yard Sales offer the perfect opportunity to capture a wide audience for your Open House.  If you can’t get a Open House scheduled in time for this upcoming weekend you’ll most certainly want to have fresh and accurate flyers available for Yard Sale attendees. 

Current inventory in Pemberley:

  • $224,900 – 2004 sq ft / Built 2002 / 3bedrooms – 2.5 baths
  • $225,000 – 2020 sq ft / Built 2003 / 3bedrooms – 2.5 baths,-78.520317&spn=0.014381,0.042272&msid=116106779889069558351.0004852a73f736ce8799a&output=embed
View Pemberley in a larger map

There are currently no Active Listings in Carriage Run.

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