The Produce Box™ – Local Produce Delivery That You Simply Must Explore!

There is NO way that this little gem should be kept a secret!  A few weeks ago I signed up for The Produce Box and I just could not be happier!  The Produce Box is a local delivery company that delivers locally grown and REALLY straight from the field farm-fresh produce to your DOOR every week!  What a brilliant concept! 

The Produce Box

Every week you get a choice of 3 different boxes to choose from.  Box A and Box B have very accurate descriptions of what you can expect to have delivered.  Box C, however, is their “surprise box”.  While they may give you an idea of one or two items in Box C the remainder of it will be fille
d with surprise treats from the farm.  Each box that I have had delivered has been OVERFLOWING with fresh produce that is the absolute highest quality I have ever experienced.  I have received fresh strawberries, spring onions, sweet potatoes, radishes, snow peas, asparagus, cucumbers, several varieties of lettuces and so much more!  Each week they also add in a sample from a local vendor such as a cookie, slice of fresh bread, homemade salsa, etc. 

Also in your box you receive their weekly newsletter that has tremendous tips for storing your produce, cleaning your produce and some great recipes to try out – that was extremely helpful to me when I received my ENORMOUS amount of spinach one week!

I really can’t say enough about this service, the produce delivered, the friendly people that deliver the boxes each week and their organizational skills in pulling this off each week.  So, if you live in the area you really should check out The Produce BoxI promise you will be genuinely surprised and pleased!

The Produce Box

What better way to show or support for Local Farmers and Eat Better!!!


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