Foreclosure Homes For Sale in Wake Forest NC

Foreclosure Homes For Sale in Wake Forest NC

There is such a wide variety of homes for sale in Wake Forest NC in all price points, styles and sizes!  One group of homes that are often overlooked are Foreclosure Homes.  While there may be a stigma attached to the word “Foreclosure” these homes offer tremendous value for the money. 

I have personally visited most of the homes for sale in Wake Forest NC that are Foreclosures and I can say that they are quite a pleasant surprise.  They are not the “beat up”, dingy, broken down homes that one may think of.  Instead, most are freshly painted inside, many have new carpet/vinyl, they are clean and in fantastic condition. 

What is most important to remember with a Foreclosure in Wake Forest NC is that they are sold AS IS.  While you may be allowed to perform inspections you may not request for any repairs to be done.  In addition, more often than not, utilities to the home have been turned off so it is YOUR cost to have utilities turned on to perform an inspection. 

If you are searching for homes for sale in Wake Forest NC I highly suggest that you Wake Forest NC Foreclosuresconsider looking at Foreclosures.  To make it easy, I have a report that I publish to my website every Monday with the latest Foreclosures in Wake Forest and Rolesville NC.  It is a rather easy list to read list with:

  • square feet
  • bedrooms/baths
  • addresses,
  • Subdivision,
  • Year Built and
  • Price.  

If you’d like, simply visit my website, Wake Forest NC House Chick, and visit my page dedicated specifically to Foreclosures/Short Sales.  Once there you can download the report – I try and keep reports up for 4 weeks at a time.  Sign up here for weekly reminders that I send out when the reports are updated!


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