Getting Ready For The Summer Market in Wake Forest NC

Whil my friend, Pat Kennedy, wrote this post with her local Washington, D.C. market in mind the advice certainly applies to homes for sale in Wake Forest NC as well!

If your home is currently on the market in Wake Forest NC and there are showing scheduled, please keep in mind that you want buyers to be as comfortable as possible when viewing your home.  One of the ways to be sure that happens is to have your Air Conditioning set at a refreshing, chilly temperature! 

Please take a few minutes to read Pat’s post – some great advice!


Via Patricia Kennedy (Evers & Company Realtors):

If you are planning to have your Washington, DC home for sale during the next three or four months, there is one very important step you need to take right away.

First, have your air conditioning system checked to make sure it works – really, really well. And that it will continue to work really, really well over the next several months.

You want your house to be chilly.  Frigid even. 

When buyers are coming through to see it, they will wilt walking from their agent’s car to your house.  If, as they step through the front door, they get a blast of icy air, you will score points. 

Simply put, in the summer time, air conditioning is as important as staging.  And it’s almost as important as setting the right price.



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