Buy Local And Support Your Local Economy

Buy Local And Support Your Local Economy

YAY!  I received my weekly box from The Produce Box!  I know I blogged about this before BUT this week’s delivery deserves another mention.  Along with my fresh produce I receive a weekly newsletter in my produce box.  The newsletter is always full of interesting tid-bits about the particular produce that is in my box, some great recipes and always a little commentary.  There was an article in this week’s newsletter that I just had to share.  But before I share…….take a peek at my box THIS week!  I received Cherry Tomatoes, a BIG Tomato, eggplant, 6 ears of corn, Bell Peppers, and fresh Peaches!

The Produce

This article was written by an intern with The Produce Box and I thought it was great!

“It’s Up To Us!

Most of us would like to blame the food companies for not giving us healthier option at grocery stores, after all, they make/grow the food and stock the shelves, we only buy what they give us.  But, just like any other company, they are geared towards profit, and the food they provide is in between our wallets and that profit.

We all need to understand the power we have in asking for more availability of local foods in grocery stores and the importance of community sustained agriculture.  Every time you slide that avocado from Chile across the scanner at the store, you are voting and telling that store that you would like them to keep sending up avocados from Chile.

Whereas every time you visit the farmer’s market and buy local, you are telling the industry you want local foods.  You see some of this change in places like Harris Teeter that now carries a whole section of local farm foods,  All you have made the important decision to support local farms by purchasing your produce box every week, and because of that, the Lee’s farm has been able to DOUBLE the size of their farm!  You are voting with every box you get to help community-sustained agriculture, and for that I applaud you!  With this kind of action, you will see more availability and every-growing farms in the Triangle.  So, keep on supporting local farms!!

One curious eater,

K. H.
Intern for The Produce Box

I applaud YOU K.H.! 

Whenever possible, shop your local farmer’s market for your produce – you’ll be amazed with the quality and freshness!  And if you live in an area that has a delivery service like Wake Forest NC try them out!  What I love most about my weekly boxes are that there are always a few surprises in it and if “forces” us to eat different kinds of produce that we may have just walked by in the grocery store!  And if you ARE in Wake Forest NC or the local area then check out The Produce Box – it’s pretty exciting!

A great place to visit, for sure, as another alternative to The Produce Box is the Wake Forest NC Farmers Market!  They are open ever Saturday from 8am – Noon and have an amazing collection of fresh produce from the local area farms!  And, don’t forget…..this Saturday, June 19, is the “Turning of the Season”

See???  Supporting your Local Economy can taste really scrumptious!

The Produce Box


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