Short Sales are NOT Guaranteed


Via Michelle Gibson Wellington Florida Real Estate (Hansen Real Estate Group Inc.):

Short Sales are NOT Guaranteed

A few weeks ago my buyer clients where under contract on a short sale that fell through after four months of waiting and not because the short sale didn’t get approved, but because the seller would not agree to the banks short sale approval terms.  The seller decided to let the bank foreclose on the property.

wellington florida short salesUnfortunately so many buyer’s are under the impression that short sales are guaranteed and the only downside is the long wait, but that is not true.

It is extremely important for buyer’s to understand that short sales are NOT guaranteed.  

My buyer clients were willing to wait however long it took for a response, but they were also aware of the possible outcomes, good or bad.

Sometimes short sales can lead to a dead end and it’s very important for buyer’s to understand the risk involved when pursuing a short sale.

Just remember short sales are NOT guaranteed!

Michelle Gibson
Hansen Real Estate Group Inc.
©2010 All Rights Reserved

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