It’s Summertime!! General Maintenance Tips for Your Pool!

It’s Summertime!  General Maintenance Tips for Your Pool!

Having a pool in your own backyard is a total dream for some homeowners.  However, in order to keepSwimming Pool your pool in TOP shape there are a few basic maintenance steps to take.  You can just fill it and forget it.

It’s best to have a day scheduled each week to “shock” your pool, if needed.  A “shock” treatment will help to keep your pH and chlorine in balance.  You should also “shock” your pool after any major storm, when you have more than the usual number of swimmers, and during extremely high heat.  Some other CLEAR indicators that your pool may need a “shock” treatment are murky water, slimy water or any algae growth.

Keeping Your Pool Clean

Daily Checklist:
1. Skim debris out of the pool.
2. Clean all skimmer baskets during swimming season.

Weekly Checklist:

1. Test the water.  “Shock” if needed.
2. Clean the walls and floor. Use cleaners, brushes and vacuums recommended by the pool manufacturer. Start at the shallow end and continue to the deep end.  Always keep the vacuum head under water while in use. To speed up the process, dedicate 10 minutes a day to brushing down the walls.
3. Hose down the pool area after cleaning and before using.  Direct the spray away from the pool to prevent dirt from washing into the water.


Cleaning After a Storm:

1. Hose down the deck, spray away from the pool.
2. Remove all debris from the water surface with the skimmer.
3. Turn on the pump.
4. Brush the walls and floor. Push the dirt toward the drain.
5. Vacuum the pool completely.
6. Wait 20 minutes and vacuum the pool again to get all remaining dirt.
7. Test pH and adjust if necessary. 

Enjoy your summer in Wake Forest NC!  Take care of your pool, wear your sunscreen and give me a call if you have a pool party! 


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