Other Realtors® Do It! Yeah, Well I Am Not Just Any Other Realtor®

I am always surprised at some of things I hear from Buyers and Sellers about what other Realtors® do.  I guess I shouldn’t be anymore but I am!

Currently, I am working to get some buyers to closing on a Foreclosure that they made an Shockedoffer on.  We had the inspection yesterday for the home and I showed up and stayed for the entire inspection.  It’s just what I do.  I have a friend that is an agent with another company that knew what I was up to and they said, “Why don’t you just let them in and leave or give them the lock box code so you don’t have to go?”  Huh?  I gave them a look and they said, “Oh, you don’t want to talk about doing stuff like that.”  I replied, “It isn’t that I don’t want to talk about it it’s that I would never do that and have never considered doing that.  Do you realize first the liability issues involved with that and second that it is a COMPLETE violation?”  They said yes, but that they have done it on several occassions………TMI!

Well, now I just got off the phone with the buyer.  I am setting up a Pest Inspection and asked if they were going to be there and if there was a specific time that would be better for them.  For whatever reason they want to be there.  The buyer said, “Well, you just set it up and you don’t have to go.  Just give me the lockbox code and I can go and meet them.”  WTF?  Apparently this is more commonplace than I though.  Anyhow, I said no that I couldn’t do that.  They replied:

“Well, other Realtors® have let us do that.”

I then explained that I am not just any other Realtor® and that I DON’T do that. 

I am so saddened to think that this is a common practice among agents.  Forget the fact that this is completely against the rules and regulations (as obviously some have done) but what about the liability?  I can’t even begin to list the “what-if’s” – too mind boggling.  So, PLEASE, if you are EVER asked to give out a lockbox code don’t even hesitate with your NO! 

It’s okay sometimes to NOT BE LIKE OTHERS!


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