Are You Thinking of Living in Wake Forest NC?

Wake Forest is located centrally in North Carolina in Wake County. We are equidistant from both the great Appalachian Mountains and the Carolina Coast making day trips a breeze regardless of your chosen outdoor activities! Located just north of Raleigh NC Wake Forest NC is also a prime location for commutes to Raleigh, RTP (research Triangle Park) and Durham. Many of the residents of Wake Forest work at Cisco Systems, Duke Hospital, IBM and many of the other Technology Corporations.

Wake Forest, NC maintains a “small-town” charm while still providing residents with all of the everyday amenities and conveniences of day to day life. We have an unparalleled Historic Preservation Committee that understands the balance between maintaining historic preservation yet allowing both home owners and business owners that have historic properties evolve their properties and keep them “current”. Our planning board is constantly on top of the ever growing influx of new residents and is always one step ahead of the progress by creating and altering existing infrastructure. Wake Forest NC is truly a town to call home!

Our Town Many people assume that Wake Forest NC is the home to the acclaimed Wake Forest University. Actually we were the birthplace to the University! The Wake Forest College had its very first class enroll in February of 1834. When the Civil War began in 1862 there was a drastic drop in class enrollment and forced the college to close until 1866. For the next 40 years the College thrived. The campus expanded dramatically, the student enrollment increased, endowment flowed and shortly afterwards the law and medical schools were created. In 1934 with the onset of World War II enrollment once again dropped so the College adopted a new policy of allowing women to enroll. Shortly after the war the school was approached with an offer from the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation to partially fund the school only if it moved to Winston-Salem, NC.  After consideration the offer was accepted to move Wake Forest College.  The current campus was then sold to the Convention to establish the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary which still exists today and thrives in Wake Forest. However, the College moved to Winston-Salem NC and became the Wake Forest University.

Schools and Taxes Wake Forest NC currently has both Traditional and Year Round options for Elementary and Middle Schools. If you aren’t familiar with Year-Round Schools it is an interesting concept that has stirred quite the discussions in the past few years. I can say that my son currently attends Year-Round School so, speaking from experience, I am always open to offer my opinion. Year-Round school is the same amount of days as Traditional schools; however, the days are broken up differently. The kids go to school 9 weeks and they are off for 3 weeks and that rotates continually throughout the year. There is a little more to it than that like how many tracks are in each school, etc but that is the main thing to note. Please note that NO High Schools follow a year round program. Our current schools are:

· Wake Forest Elementary – Traditional

· Heritage Elementary – Year Round

· Wake Forest-Rolesville Middle – Traditional

· Heritage Middle – Year Round

· Wake Forest-Rolesville High School – Traditional

· Heritage High School – Traditional


There are a few other schools that some Wake Forest students may attend depending on what their address is and more schools slated to open within the next few years. Wake Forest NC schools are part of the Wake County Public School System which is the second largest in the state and ranked #1 in the entire country for certified teachers.


Taxes in Wake Forest NC are assessed by both Wake County and Wake Forest. The 2009 rate for Wake County was .534 and the Wake Forest rate was .51. From speaking with the many people relocating to Wake Forest NC they are very impressed with our low tax rate in comparison to home prices and the cost of living.


Economy and Prices While many parts of the country experienced a downturn in the real estate market, Wake Forest NC maintained a healthy real estate market. What did affect Wake Forest NC most was the number of relocations to the area that could not sell their homes in other parts of the country. Wake Forest NC did see a slight decline in Average Home Prices but it was over a much longer period of time than those in other areas of the country. While our home prices in Wake Forest NC maintained a healthy average that is not to say that there are still some incredible bargains in the Wake Forest NC real estate market.

The People Wake Forest NC is home to a diverse group of residents! Many of them have called Wake Forest NC home for generations while the 118% increase in households from 2000 – 2009 welcomed new generations to the area. So many have chosen Wake Forest NC to call home because of its close proximity to the major business centers such as Raleigh, RTP (Research Triangle Park) and Durham NC. While Wake Forest is just a hop on any of the nearby beltlines to those points it’s what Wake Forest offers its residents locally that keeps people here and entices new folks every day. The residents of Wake Forest enjoy a wide array of community parks that offer tennis, swimming, basketball, soccer fields, baseball and dog parks! It is a slower pace here in Wake Forest that the residents enjoy – the wave from the front porch to the neighbors taking a walk to the morning coffee at the local coffee houses with friends and just the general small town charm that is obvious every corner you turn. Most residences in Wake Forest NC are single family homes. There is still an abundant supply of townhomes and condos for sale and apartments available for rent which allows for easy living for all lifestyle profiles whether it is the young professional, the families or retirees. People choose Wake Forest NC for the ease of living, the quieter nights, the uncongested traffic, less hustle and bustle of “city life” and just the overall the quality of life.

Going Green


For the past 30 years Wake Forest NC has been designated as a Tree City USA. This designation is no easy distinction and comes ONLY as the result of cooperation among the many volunteers and groups that work side by side with the Wake Forest NC Urban Forestry Board projects that are focused on improving the environment and the community. Every year the Wake Forest NC Urban Forestry Board seeks nominations for Green Medal Awards of Excellence. The Green Medal Award Categories are:

  • Civic Awarded to an individual, civic club or organization that has shown outstanding service, education, tree planting or other volunteer-based work. Participation in an Urban Forestry Board-sponsored event is encouraged, but should not be the only example of service.
  • Corporate – Awarded to a company or business which exhibits a pattern of commitment to the environment, or which has made a significant contribution to the urban forest through an internal education program, a self-initiated tree planting or other outreach project.
  • Program or Project Designed to honor a program or project which promotes good urban forestry or environmental practice, or to a development which has shown excellence in tree preservation or landscaping. Only those developments which exceed town requirements or meet them by using particularly creative methods such as innovative planting or design will be considered.
  • Community Forester This award is intended to honor a lifetime or career of excellence in urban forestry or leadership in environmental integrity and practice. The recipient’s service should be demonstrated as having a significant impact on the community.

Words of Wisdom If you are selling your home in Wake Forest NC there are quite a few things you can do to make your home stand out! For me? I tell all of my sellers CURB APPEAL! There are some extraordinary homes for sale in Wake Forest NC and you simply must make yours stand out. If a buyer drives up to your home and isn’t intrigued by the exterior they will never be enticed to come inside. Be sure to spruce up your sidewalks, driveways, mailboxes, front porches, front entry and pop up the pizzazz with freshly planted flowers whether they are in the landscaping or pots. Front doors always benefit from fresh coats of paint and new kick plates. How about some new House Numbers? Has that mailbox been neglected? Power wash not only your sidewalks and driveway but the whole exterior of the house. Remember, you have to get the buyer interested in your home – you only get one shot at a First Impression.


Preparing to Buy Home buyers need a team! There are key players you need to employ when looking to purchase a home, and that’s whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned buyer. You need:

1. YOUR AGENT! And by YOUR agent I mean a Buyer’s Agent. A Buyers Agent will be an incredible asset and advocate and most times can offer “inside scoop” information on many of the areas local developments, etc

2. Your Lender – You need to choose a financial lender that YOU are comfortable with. Each bank is different so it is important that you ask questions of several lenders before deciding which one is right for you.

3. Your AttorneyYour agent will be able to recommend several attorneys for you and you should speak with several before making a decision on which one will represent you in this most important transaction. *North Carolina is a Closing Attorney state. Our closings are NOT handled by Escrow or Title Companies.

4. Your Inspector – Your home inspector is a CRUCIAL member of your team! While Home Inspections are optional it is best to spend that few hundred dollars to catch any defects in a home that could cost thousands of dollars if gone un-noticed. Ask your agent to recommend a few home inspectors – it is SO worth it!

About Leesa Finley: I am a full time Realtor® and I specialize in Wake Forest NC. I have always believed that in order to truly service an area you have to know it inside and out. While I may be able to sell homes in other parts of North Carolina I can’t say that I participate in those areas. I live, work and play in Wake Forest NC. I have a son that attends the public school here in Wake Forest. We are active in community sports such as football, baseball and soccer. We visit the restaurants and shops frequently and I can tell you where to get the best latte and bagel! I drive these neighborhoods everyday and can say that I know many of the residents on a personal level which usually means that I know when a house will be for sale before it even hits the market. So, I am Realtor® in Wake Forest NC but I am also a mother, a wife, a daughter, and aunt and a friend to many!

So, if you are thinking about moving to Wake Forest NC I would love to share my town with you! You can always find out a little more about me at a few of my blogs and and if you are looking for Historic Home information please feel free to stop by .

So, give me a call at 919-649-6128 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              919-649-6128      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or visit my website, Wake Forest NC House Chick Life in Wake Forest is memorable!

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