Got Your School Supplies? Wake Forest NC School Starts in Only 2 Days!

Got Your School Supplies?  Wake Forest NC School Starts in Only 2 Days!

Wow, that was a wicked fast break for school!  My son was grounded for the entire 1.5 week break but I think he learned his lesson!  We were out the other day getting all of his school supplies and noticed that there weren’t that many others out – very strange as usually there is a mad rush.  Maybe this year we were a little earlier than the rush instead of waiting last minute, who knows.  Anyhow, enjoy these last two days of break as the school buses will start rolling down the streets again on Friday and that morning bell will most definitely ring bright and early!

Several tracks start on Friday, July 9, 2010

The Wake County Public School System has put together a wonderful Back To School Guide that is packed with useful information whether you are a long time resident or a newcomer to the system.  You can find information like:

  • Wake County Board of Education
  • Welcome to the 2010 School Year
  • Supporting Your Child
  • Bus TransportationWake Forest NC Schools
  • Child Nutrition
  • Dress to Impress (dress code)
  • Report Cards and SPAN
  • Special Programs
  • Helping Your Child Succeed
  • Health Requirements for School Entry
  • Athletics
  • Community Services
  • Inclement Weather
  • Weather Make Up Days Schedule
  • Early Release Days
  • Frequently Called Numbers
  • New Board Policies
  • 2010-2011 Comprehensive School Calendar (Multi-Track, Modified and Traditional)

If you just made the move to Wake Forest NC here are the schools that we currently have:

Elementary Schools
          o Heritage Elementary – Year Round Calendar
          o Jones Dairy Elementary – Year Round Calendar
          o Wake Forest Elementary – Traditional Calendar
Middle Schools
          o Wake Forest Rolesville Middle School – Traditional Calendar
          o Heritage Middle School – Year Round Calendar
High Schools
          o Wake Forest Rolesville High School
          o Heritage High School

If you need information regarding school lunches, student school assignments, announcements, coming events and more you’ll want to bookmark Wake Forest NC Schools – it’s real time information at the tips of your fingers and you can download your COMPLIMENTARY Back To School Guide!

I wish all the students starting their 2010-2011 school year on Friday success, happiness and great memories!  Now we are off to so we can fully enjoy these last few days before school starts! 


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