Wake Forest NC Neighborhood Expedition – Focus on Hasentree

Hasentree Wake Forest NCHasentree is a beautiful community located in Wake Forest NC.  With winding roads, lush greens of the golf course, bountiful nature all around and some of the most amazing scenery in the area Hasentree is the perfect place to call home.

With over 800+ acres Hasentree offers it’s residents unprecedented amenities such as a Tom Fazio designed golf course, a 13,000 square foot Family Activity Center, walking trails, pools, playgrounds, and more!  In June of 2008 Hasentree was named a Certified Gold Audubon International Signature Sanctuary – less than 75 communities nationwide have been awarded this distinct award and and Hasentree is one of only five in North Carolina.  The Family Activity Center serves as the heartbeat for this one of a kind community offering a resort styled swimming pool, a state of the art fitness center, six clay tennis courts, a spa treatment room, Hasentree Wake Forest NC Game and Media Room, Cafe and Coffee corner, Kids Corner, group fitness room for body sculping, spinning, and yoga, professionally trained activities staff on site, playground and so much more.  The Family Activity Center is THE place to meet your neighbors and socialize!

The golf course at Hasentree was designed by one of the greatest golf course architects, Tom Fazio.  Surrounded by nature and a variety of natural grasses playing a round of golf at Hasentree certainly becomes an experience that transports you to another place.  The 5,000 square foot golf shop is is the focal point of for getting your game underway.  The Hasentree Golf Shop offers and outdoor patio and fire-pit gazebo with food service available.  The second level of the golf shops offers a full bar, flat screen tc, leather furniture and a great location for an afternoon business lunch. 

hasentree Wake Forest NCWith a mixture of homes for sale in Hasentree there is simply plenty of designs and styles to suit anyone’s taste.  Currently, there are 27 Homes for Sale in Hasentree each with a distinct style and feel all to themselves.  The homes range in price from $679,900.00 – $4,195,000.00 and were built by some of the areas premiere luxury standard builders.  Some of the finer appointments that these homes offer are:

  • Wine Cellars
  • Incredible Outdoor Living Rooms and Kitchens
  • Home Media Centers
  • Private Verandas
  • Awe Inspiring Golf Views

Hasentree truly is a resort inspiried community that offers more than just a place to live.   Hasentree is a lifestyle!

Hasentree is located off of Highway 98 in Wake Forest NC.  With it’s close proximity to both Raleigh and Durham this is a prime location for commutes with easy access in either direction.

Currently, the following schools are assigned to Hasentree:Hasentree Wake Forest NC

  • Forest Pines – Elementary
  • Wakefield – Middle School
  • Wake Forest Rolesville High School

* Please note that schools are subject to change so it is best to use the Student Assignment Finder which can be found on my website, Wake Forest NC House Chick, under Student Assignment Resources.

If you are interested in more information regarding homes for sale in Hasentree and the lifestyle offered please feel free to give me a call or simply send me an emailI’d be happy to help!



Other Notable Neighborhoods in Wake Forest NC:



A Little Stretch Of Highway With A BIG History!

You know, I pride myself on knowing the “odd” things in life, the little tid-bits that you can throw out at a party – I call them my little Pearls of Wisdom“. For the longest time I use to throw out this one…

Why is it that when you buy a bag of nuts in the store there are never any cashews yet when you buy mixed nuts in a can they are in there?  I know, doesn’t bother many of you but it did me!  Well, had to research and come to find out – cashew shells are highly caustic – the oil can and does burn your skin.  There ya go….. 

Now, on to the post…..

In doing all of this research for the College teams around here I learned a great deal.  Have you heard the song Tobacco Road?  It was originally recorded by John Loudermilk.  Since the original version there have been re-recordings by numerous artists such as Lou Rawls, Jefferson Airplane, Edgar Winter, Bobby Gentry and MANY others.  In 2006 it was featured in the finale of the hit american-idol-poster.jpegtelevision show American Idol, and was performed on the show by contestant Phil Stacey in 2007 (remember, the bald one with the BIG eyes and sultry voice) and Syesha Mercado in 2008.  The songs original intention was autobiographical in that it told the story of growing up in the rough East Durham area of Durham.  (Folks, before ANYONE decides to come down on me for that comment – I make peace!  This was back in the 60s and I am certainly not making a statement about Durham!)

WELL – Tobacco Road also refers to Interstate 40 which traverses the country from  east to west.  From Wikipedia here is a little tid-bit that YOU can throw out at the next party…..

Tobacco Road refers to the tobacco-producing area of North Carolina and is often used when referring to sports (particularly basketball) played among rival North Carolina universities. The phrase actually originated as the title of a novel set in Georgia, but it naturally migrated to North Carolina because of the state’s primacy in tobacco production.

The usual universities referred to by the moniker “Tobacco Road” are the following:

  • Duke University (Blue Devils)
  • North Carolina State University (Wolfpack)
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Tar Heels)
  • Wake Forest University (Demon Deacons)

 All of these schools are separated by no more than 25 miles from any of the others with the exception of Wake Forest, which lies an hour and a half drive away via Interstate 40. In fact, all four are no more than six miles from Interstate 40, so the road is sometimes informally known as the “Tobacco Road”. The proximity of these schools to one another and the membership of each school in the Atlantic Coast Conference have created a natural rivalry among students and alumni.

Wake Forest University used to be in Wake Forest, North Carolina, just a few miles north of Raleigh, until it moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, about 100 miles west of the Triangle. Since Wake Forest University is in North Carolina, and in the same city as the headquarters of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, a member of the ACC and still near the other three schools, Wake remains in the “Tobacco Road” group. These four universities are also known in the state as the “Big Four”.

Pretty cool, huh?  And you thought this blog was only about real estate……..

Am Amazing Restoration in Biloxi, MS – History Uncovered After Katrina

I thought this was an incredible story about a piece of history that was discovered AFTER Katrina.   The Beauvoir house in Biloxi, Mississippi!   Here is the article from CNN ……

photo courtesy of galenfrysinger.com

“You can’t miss Beauvoir as you drive along scenic U.S. Highway 90 through Biloxi, Mississippi. Its grand staircase, with the railings scrolling outward, welcomes you like open arms.

The front porch wraps around the entire front of the home, supported by regal white pillars, common during the antebellum period.

It’s the kind of front porch where you can envision someone sitting in a rocking chair with a glass of iced tea, as the breeze from the beach offers the only respite from a humid August afternoon.

When Hurricane Katrina devastated Mississippi’s coastal areas, the storm tore up the home. But it also peeled back a little slice of history about Beauvoir that might never have been known otherwise.

Beauvoir was the last home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.”

You can read the rest of the article here……. The before and after shots are simply amazing!

The Standard Commission Rate to Sell Your Home Is……

The Standard Commission Rate to Sell Your Home Is……

This could be a very simple post – I could easily say “There isn’t one!” and be done with it.  However, I have noticed lately that there still seems to be the misconception among the general public that there is a set commission that a Real Estate agent (whether Realtor® or not) charges to sell your home.  There simply isn’t which leads to another question….

What are discount brokers?  Again, a simple answer – I have never met one

There are, however, two different types of Real Estate companies.  Traditional (Full Service as some like to call
themselves) and Limited Service (a more a la carte type menu of services)

Traditional Firms: 

•·     Market your property to the fullest within the guidelines set forth by their respective company.  Such advertising MAY include listing your property in the Multiple Listing Service, Open Houses, internet based advertising, interior and/or exterior flyers for your home, local newspaper ads, email advertising, etc. 

•·     Full representation* when negotiating contracts, preparing paperwork, working on behalf of the seller, coordinating details of closing such as inspections, appraisals, closing, etc.

•·     Marketing materials such as yard signs, websites, etc.

•·     Lockbox for your home

•·     Some MAY include appointment setting services for showings of your home

By no means is the above list a TOTAL representation of what a Real Estate agent can do for you.  It is merely presented to show the difference between the types of companies that are available. Limited Services Firms:

These firms will generally offer services as “add-ons” to help you to sell your home.  They may ask for a fee up front (or may not) and offer you services for individual fees such as:

•·     Multiple Listing Service

•·     Flyers

•·     Representation

•·     Contract Negotiations

•·     Coordinating Closing

•·     Advertising (multiple avenues)

When selling your home there are numerous models available to choose from and one is not better than the other depending on a seller’s precise situation.  Each scenario garners a unique approach.  So, while you may have heard that Real Estate agents charge X% to sell your home – it is simply not true. 

So, if the end result is ultimately the same – GET YOUR HOUSE SOLD – then the burden rests with the consumer to do their homework and interview many Real Estate agents before trusting one of their biggest transactions to another.  Interview Real Estate agents from both fields – Limited Service and Full Service – choose the agent with whom you are comfortable and feel you can trust, confide in and will serve your best interests.  Again, each seller is different, each Real Estate firm is different.  This is a service based field – as with any other service oriented company there is a broad range of prices for services to pay as well as services offered.

One analogy that comes to mind is servicing my car.  I can take my car to the dealer to have services performed.  When I leave my car has been washed, I have a flower on my dashboard, the car has been vacuumed and I have had free doughnuts and coffee while waiting.  That’s if I chose to wait or I could be shuttled to where I need to go until my car is done.  OR I can take my car to the local mechanic who I trust and have the same work done by someone that I know and have confidence in.  No flower, no coffee and doughnuts, no car wash and vacuum.  The same quality work was performed, the same diagnostics were done and I was somewhere that they knew me, cared about me and my circumstances and I was comfortableYou can put all the frills on a service but that doesn’t guarantee the quality or professionalism.I hope that you find this information helpful and should you have any questions regarding selling your home you can feel comfortable calling or emailing me any time – I love to answer questions about what I do!  And, remember, don’t let anyone bully you into thinking that one is better than the other – it all depends on your situation.  It may come as a surprise to you after reading this post but I am a Full Service Firm.

Blue Jay Point Park – A Great Place To Spend the Day!

Blue Jay Point Park has a little bit for absolutely EVERYONE!  Between the lake, playgrounds, the baseball fields, soccer fields and trails it is simply a fantastic way to spend an afternoon!  My son is taking a field trip to Blue Jay Point Park this week with his school and I am so jealous – he will have a blast!   

Typically, we we go, we take advantage of the huge playground that is there but this time decided to explore some of the exhibits they have as well as some trails that we had never hiked before……AMAZINGThe Blue Jay Point Center is loaded with educational information about the Falls Lake Watershed, Recycling, the forest, insects, etc….Learned quite a bit about the region that I hadn’t know before!  Just outside of the center is the park’s garden.  It is loaded with fresh herbs, flowers and a pond filled with salamanders and other water insects.  It was truly beautiful!

Many of the trails are short but can join with others for longer hikes if you like.  They are all well planned and natural beauty is endless!  My favorite trail is the Laurel Loop Trail that has a spur off of it that leads you directly to the lakebreathtaking views!

I hope that you enjoy some of the photos I captured in the past – if you get the chance you should plan a whole day at the park.  In addition to the trails, nature center and playground they also have a softball field, soccer fields, picnic tables and grills – it is a great place to “be quiet” and enjoy some time outside….I know that we do!

Wake Forest NC Community Calendar, Events and Things To Do – August 30 – September 5, 2010

Wake Forest NC Community Calendar, Events and Things To Do – August 30 – September 5, 2010

Be sure to get out this week and enjoy this cooler weather we are FINALLY experiencing in Wake Things to Do in Wake Forest NCForest NC!  There are some amazing destination shops in downtown historic Wake Forest NC, awesome restaurants and coffee shop and plenty to do to help you spend your day!  Below are some of the events and meetings taking place this coming week – be sure to check back for some late additions as things to do in Wake Forest NC are ALWAYS being added to the calendar!

Public Meeting: Wake Forest Bus Service
Tuesday, Aug 31; 5 – 7 pm
Wake Forest Town Hall, Ground Floor Meeting Room, 301 S. Brooks St.
Wake Forest area residents will have the opportunity to offer their input on the Town’s bus service during a public meeting. Town staff, along with officials from Capital Area Transit (CAT), will be available to discuss the bus service, including possible modifications to the current schedule. The public is encouraged to attend and offer their feedback regarding the changes and their overall satisfaction with the Town’s transit service. For more information, contact Engineering Director Eric Keravuori at (919) 435-9441.


Firing Range Training
Wednesday, Sept 1; 3 pm – 9 pm
Police Department Firing Range, behind Flaherty Park Community Center
Residents in the area are advised that the Wake Forest Police Department will conduct firing range training at the police department firing range, located behind the Flaherty Park Community Center. The firing range is utilized by Wake Forest Police officers who require instruction and practice in order to obtain current certification in the use of firearms. Tactical training sessions are also held at the firing range. http://www.wakeforestnc.gov/residents/police_firingrange.aspx

DuBois High School Annual Alumni Reunion

Friday, Sept 3 thru Sunday, Sept 5
Hosted by the National Alumni Association. On Friday evening from 6–10 pm, the Alumni will host a meet and greet social hour at the Wake Forest Community House. This event is open to the alumni, alumni families, friends and supporters. The cost is $15. A general membership meeting will be held on Saturday morning on the Historic DuBois Campus. The celebration will end on Sunday, September 5 with a 3 pm vesper service at Corinth Christian Church, 7900 Zebulon Rd., Hwy 96, Youngsville. The vesper service will feature a mini-concert with performances by LeMonte Mitchell, tenor soloist; Nia Imani Williams, harpist and Wynnette Williams (Charlotte, NC), mezzo-soprano and Victoria Jones, violinist/pianist. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Theresa Watkins at (919) 771-7101 or (919) 556-2792 or Roger Shackleford at (919) 306-1829 or (919) 518-1477 .

Wake Forest NC Neighborhood Expedition – Focus on Northampton

Wake Forest NC Neighborhood Expedition – Focus on NorthamptonNorthampton Wake Forest NC

Northamption in Wake Forest NC is a wonderful community that offers tremendous homes, large lots and great amenities for it’s residents.  Northampton is locate between Chalks Road and Jones Dairy Road which makes getting out and about in Wake Forest NC a breeze! 

There is a mix of resale homes and new construction homes available in Northhampton which means you have quite a few different styles to choose from.  You can visit their on-site model home to preview any of the presale lots that are available as well as peruse the different floorplans and options they have to offer. 

Northampton Wake Forest NCNorthampton in Wake Forest NC offers it’s residents a private community pool, a community playground and a picnic area with tables and a grill.  Many of the addresses in Northampton are located close enough to the Jones Dairy Elementary school that it’s an EASY walk to school. 

Currently, there are 9 homes for sale in Northampton, Wake Forest.  They range in price from $208,295.00 to $450,000.00 with a nice range of Square feet….2200sqft up to 4500sqft.  Many of the homes have brick fronts with beautiful porches and spacious back yards.  Many of the homes in Northampton come with carefully chosen upgrades such as granite countertops, Cherry cabinets, unblemished hardwood floors and plush Owner Suites

Currently, school assigned to Northampton are:Northampton Wake Forest NC

  • Jones Dairy Elementary
  • Heritage Middle School
  • Wake Forest Rolesville High School

* For alternate schools available in Northampton you can check the Student Assignment Finder available at Wake Forest NC House Chick under the Student Assignment Resources.  It is always best to double check school assignments as they are subject to change in Wake County NC.

northampton wake forest ncNorthampton Wake Forest NCNorthampton Wake Forest NC