Let’s Get To Know Each Other First – Date Me!

Let’s Get To Know Each Other First – Date Me!

Okay, so, be-bopping along my morning the other day doing what I have to do the phone rings – OutWake Forest NC House Chick of state caller.

Me:  Hello, this is Leesa.

Them:  Hello, my name is (inaudible and phone ringing in the background)  Can you hold?

Me: No

and at that point I hang up….

About two minutes later they call again.

Them: Yes this is (inaudible AGAIN).  I am calling about a house.  I will be there next Wednesday and Thursday and I must see house.  You set this up.  And others.

Me: What house?

Them: “One of my listings”  (which is temporarily off the market!)

Me: I am sorry – I didn’t get your name. Can you spell that for me?

>>>>They spell a first name.

Me:  And, can i have a last name?

>>>>They spell a last name.

Them:  Here is my cell phone 555-555-5555.  (phones ringing in the background)

Me:  Are you calling from work?

Them:  Yes, you set this up.

Me:  Wait a minute.  Set what up.  You said other homes – I need a little more information than that.

Them:  Like what?  I gave you my name a cell phone number – what more do you want?

Me: Are you relocating to the area or are you an investor?

Them:  The second.

Me:  You’re an investor?

Them:  Yes, the second that you said.

Me:  Can I get an email address for you?

Them:  Not at this time.   Just set up appointments.

Me:  I’m sorry – I can’t do that.

Them:  Why not?

Me: I won’t meet a stranger without knowing more about them.  Can I please have an email address?

Them:  I will not give to you at this time.

Me:  Well, there are quite a few more things that I need to know.  Is this a company purchase or are you buying as an individual?

Them:  Myself (short and sweet, huh?)

Me:  Have you been to the area before?  Is this a cash deal or will you be financing the home and have you secured that financing?

Them: You ask too many questions.  I don’t like this.

Me:  Well, thanks for calling.

I bring this up for a point.  I have seen way too many newer agents jump all over calls like this.  Hungry they are!  Did I possibly just lose a client – maybe.  (doubtful)  Why would I spend time searching for someone when they don’t even have the common courtesy to answer questions about themselves, their motives, etc.  Let me answer that – I WON’T.    If he was at work we could have simply set up another time for a more appropriate conversation. 

Regardless of what I may or may not have just lost SAFETY is first and foremost in my mind.  Second is this; my time is VERY valuable to meI will work my fingers to the bone and even bleed for those that are willing to have an open and honest relationship with me as their Realtor®.  For those that don’t want that commitment?  Find another and waste their time!

All I ask for is a little courtship up front – who knows, we may be a match made in heaven!


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