Buyers: What Your Realtor Needs From You

A colleague of mine posted this simple yet brilliant list of “must do’s” for every buyer out there.  I have to agree on all points but it is especially true that if a home is on the market now, meets your needs and is priced incredibly well it won’t last long at all!   So, please, be sure to check your emails and return my calls – if it sells, it sells…..

Thanks Holly for allowing us to reblog this great post!


Via Holly Kirby Weatherwax–Your Realtor® in Reston,VA (Momentum Realty,LLC):

As Buyer Agents, we commit to representing you in finding and purchasing your new home.  It is a huge commitment.  It often seems couple with housethat Buyer Clients do not understand their part in this contract.  This is not a post intended to ‘bash’ buyers, but rather let them know what our expectations for them are during the transaction.

1.    Please return our calls.  If we call you about a property that meets your requirements, please call back.  At least in my market, a well-priced home that meets all of your requirements (and probably the requirements of many other buyers) is not always easy to find.  During negotiations, returning calls promptly is critical!
2.     Be responsive to the Lender. Without a loan, you likely cannot buy the house of your dreams. Please provide the lender with the information they need in a timely manner. I know the requirements have become a pain…but you still need to provide the information. Please do it as quickly as possible so that we can move forward with your purchase.
3.    Let us know your travel plans and contact information. This is especially important in the summer months and during the holidays. It is also critical with business travel. The home purchase process does not always follow your travel schedule and we need to be able to keep the process going. If you are going to be ‘off the grid’ for a certain amount of time, please let us know in advance.
4.    Sign paperwork promptly. When we tell you we need paperwork signed, please arrange to sign it promptly.  Contract paperwork often has deadlines that are important to the process. Please do not drag your feet or you risk losing the property.

Make sure that you  work with someone that you trust and then please listen to their advice and be respectful of their efforts to help you purchase a new home. The relationship between the Buyer Agent and the purchaser needs to be one of respect and commitment.  With a full commitment to the process, and an effort to be responsive to your Buyer Agent,  you will shortly be in your new home!

Holly Weatherwax, Associate Broker

momentum Realty

EcoBroker,Graduate of Realtors Institute,Accredited Buyers Representative,e-pro

If I can assist you with the purchase or sale of property in Northern Virginia, please visit my website: , my blog Real Estate and Reston or email me at My direct number is 571-643-4902.

I believe buying or selling real estate should be a GREAT EXPERIENCE!




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