Things to Do in Wake Forest NC! August 16 – 22, 2010

Things To Do in Wake Forest NC!  August 16 – 22, 2010

The summer is quietly coming to a close in Wake Forest NC!  Schools are starting back and with that Things to Do in Wake Forest NCthe focus is on getting back into routines.  There are a few events this week on the Wake Forest NC calendar and you won’t want to miss them!  There is a great workshop offered this week “Drugs Uncovered: What Parents Need to Know!”.  This is a must attend workshop for parents and I am thrill that this is being offered.

The Wake Forest NC Farmers Market is still offering some of the areas BEST produce along with fresh jams and preserves, hand made soaps and lotions and baked goods.  The Wake Forest Farmers Market is ALWAYS a great stop on your Saturday mornings!

Also, if you are still scrambling to get ready for school you might want to check out Schools in Wake Forest NC – Start of the New School Year! for the latest schedules and Back to School guide!

“Healthy Eating, Healthy You” Free Family Seminar
Wednesday, Aug 18; 6:30 pm – 8 pm
Wake Forest Church of the Nazarene, 203 CapCom Avenue, Suite 114
By understanding the impact certain nutrients and foods have on your health and risk for disease, you can make small and significant changes to lower your risk and improve your health.  We will discuss significant diseases such as heart disease and Type II diabetes, and how the foods we choose may contribute to these disease risks, as well as what changes we can make in ordinary food preparation methods to reduce our risks. Guest speaker: Alissa Dix, B.S. Dietetics/Nutrition, Michigan State University, M.S. Food Science/Microbiology, NC State University and instructor at Wake Tech.  Free. Ages 10 and up. (919) 597-5799 or (919) 528-8455.

“Drugs Uncovered: What Parents Need to Know!” Workshop
Wednesday, Aug 18; 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Wake Forest Baptist Church Fellowship Hall, 107 E. South Ave.
Parents of older children and teens, please join us! Wake Forest Baptist Church will be hosting a must-see workshop provided through the Poe Center for Health Education. It will include an exhibit for your exploration which will challenge you to identify any of 70 references to drugs and alcohol hidden in a lifelike teenager’s bedroom. The workshop will inform you of current drug trends, teen culture, signs of substance use and abuse and much more. It will also give you the tools you need to effectively talk with your teens about drugs and alcohol. This program is free of charge. Seating is limited, so you must pre-register for this program.  Please RSVP to Jeanne Baucom at or (919) 556-5141 by August 15.

Wake Forest Farmers Market

Saturday, Aug 21; 8 am – noon
Downtown parking lot, 110 S. White St.
The Wake Forest Farmers Market offers fresh produce, pasture raised meats, free range eggs, baked goods-breads, pies, cakes and cookies. Granola, honey, goat cheese, fresh and dried herbs. Jams and preserves. Hand made soaps and lotions, hand spun fiber, fine art and crafts. Garden plants. Music by Brittany George. For more information call (919) 556-2284 or (919) 556-1679. Visit our web site

La Leche League of Wake Forest Saturday – Series Meeting

Saturday, Aug 21: 10:30 am
Wake Forest Christian Church, 203 Capcom Ave., Suite 117
La Leche League of Wake Forest Saturday meets on the third Saturday of each month at 10:30 am at the Wake Forest Christian Church. La Leche League provides breastfeeding information and mother-to-mother support to pregnant and nursing mothers.  For more information, please contact

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