Real estate sales is a service business. So please understand when we ask you to schedule our time in advance.

I have been pondering a post of my own recently to address just this!  Fortunately, a wonderful colleague in Georgia has already said it so succinctly! 

Thanks, Richard, for this very enlightening post for both buyers and sellers.  I would LOVE to be able to help each and everyone at a moments notice but it just isn’t possible.  In this world of instant gratification it can be hard to live up to expectations – I do my best!




Via Richard Weisser Coweta Fayette Real Estate:


Real estate is a service business!I got a call from a nice young man yesterday afternoon. He was here from out of town for the weekend and had found a house on the Internet and wanted to see it right away.

The problem was, my business partner and I were already scheduled out for the day and we were physically unable to set aside enough time to properly help him.

We did manage to squeeze in enough time to show him the house he wanted to see which did not meet his expectations, and then he asked if we had “others” that we could show him.

We did have others that we could show him, but we did not have the time to either set up the appointments or to show the properties. We told him that we would be glad to allocate some time the following day, but he insisted that he would be returning home in the morning.

I explained that real estate sales was a service business, and that we worked by appointment. And in reality, our time was better spent with pre-qualified, ready, willing, and able buyers that had been scheduled in advance.

I suppose that many people assume that we sit by the telephone and wait for it to ring. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are constantly adjusting our schedules to both meet with clients and to deal with all of the necessary paperwork and follow-up. It’s a struggle just keeping up with everything that needs to be done.

And in order to best serve our clients, we need to set aside enough time to take care of THEIR needs! Otherwise, we will both be disappointed with the outcome.


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