Thinking of Selling Your Home? Here’s Your Homework Assignment

Thinking of Selling Your Home?  Here’s Your Homework Assignment

It can be quite a bit of work getting your home market ready!  I am sure that by now you have heardSellers Homework the mantra of CLEAN and DECLUTTER.  And, if you haven’t, here are some great posts that can help you catch up!

This post, however, is NOT about cleaning up and getting your home market ready in appearance but what YOU, as a seller, can do to make it a smooth transaction for everyone.

I have a checklist that I like to share with each of my sellers prior to listing their home of action items they can complete.  Here are just a few to share:

  • Property Survey – Have your property survey from when you purchased the home available to both me and buyers.  It is always nice to have a copy of the survey in marketing materials.  Also, in North Carolina, you are not required to order a survey so many times buyers will just like to see your copy.
  • Copy of your Deed – Many times homeowners just pack away their deed after they have closed on their home and never look at it again.  By reviewing your deed I can better understand who is legally permitted to sell the home and if there are any unusual circumstances surrounding your property.
  • Copy of your Homeowners Association Rules, Regulations, and Restrictive Covenants – I recently wrote an article regarding HOAs and the sellers responsibility to disclose –Purchasing A Home With Restrictive Covenants? Research Before Signing!  While that post may gave been tailored for Buyers it is an interesting read for sellers as well.  Buyers will need to review Restrictive Covenants BEFORE they place an offer on your home therefore, it is a courtesy to have them readily available.  Also, it is wise to review them should there be any restrictions as to what type of “For Sale” sign you may be permitted to have in your yard or if you are in a townhome where they can be placed.  Very important for me to know.
  • Current Mortgage Paperwork – It is always best to review your current Mortgage Paperwork to look for any pre-payment penalties or any “condition of the mortgage” that may effect the sale of your property.  It is ALWAYS wise to call your mortgage company PRIOR to listing your home for sale for several reasons.  Speak with a mortgage professional with your current mortgage company to verify your current balance on your loan (although it will be different come closing time) and also to notify them that you are selling your home.  I have been in situations in the past where the mortgage company delayed on sending the payoff to an attorney because they weren’t properly notified.
  • Special Assessment Information – If you are aware of any special assessment against your property it is best to have that information available to pass on to buyers.  It is also a condition of the NC Residential Property Disclosure.  

In addition to “paperwork” that I request here is a list of items that are considered a courtesy to Buyers but are VERY well received!

  • A List of your Current Utility Companies with their contact information
  • Average cost of your monthly utilities
  • A short list of local conveniences such as nearest post office, library, DMV, etc.  Remember, your buyers may be coming from out of town and while they can certainly turn to their “Buyer’s Agent” for more local information it is nice to have this list for them. 


I hope you find this list or pre-requisites helpful in getting your home ready for sale.  If you have any questions about the items listed or would like more information about me, your Wake Forest NC Real Estate agent, please feel free to give me a call or simply send me an email – I would be delighted to help!

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