Wake Forest NC Relocation Guide – Consider ME Your Guide

Wake Forest NC

Has an opportunity presented itself to you to possibly relocate to Wake Forest NC?  How exciting!  Any move can be somewhat frightening when there are so many unknowns involved but I’m here to help!  I’ve tried to answer as many of the questions that I normally receive from out-of-towers as I could but if you have more questions then by all means, let me know!  Consider me your Wake Forest NC Real Estate Agent – I am here to help in any way I can.

Where is Wake Forest NC?  Wake Forest NC is located centrally in North Carolina in Wake County. Wake Forest NC We are equidistant from both the great Appalachian Mountains and the Carolina Coast making day trips a breeze regardless of your chosen outdoor activities!  We are just a few minutes to downtown Raleigh NC and an easy commute to Research Triangle Park!  Many of the residents of Wake Forest NC commute to RTP.  Why?  It is jam-packed with many world reknowned companies such as Cisco Systems and Glaxo Smith Kline.  For a complete list of companies located in Research Triangle Park you can certainly check out The Research Triangle Park

Public Transportation:  Wake Forest NC is connected to the CAT (Capital Area Transit) system.  CAT is the public transportation system in Raleigh NC and Wake Forest NC joined the system just a few years ago providing the opportunity for Wake Forest NC residents to get a little greener!  For more information on our Wake Forest-Raleigh Express you can check out Public Transit Coming to Wake Forest – Getting Around Just Got Easier!

Historic Downtown Wake Forest NC“Small Town Wake Forest NC and it’s Growth:  Wake Forest, NC maintains a “small-town” charm while still providing residents with all of the everyday amenities and conveniences of day to day life.  We have an unparalleled Historic Preservation Committee that understands the balance between maintaining historic preservation yet allowing both home owners and business owners that have historic properties evolve their properties and keep them “current”.  Wake Forest NC has three distinct historic districts!  Each presents a unique window into a time gone by.  Three Distinct Historic Districts in Wake Forest NC – Which Is Right For You?   Wake Forest NC was voted one of the Nine Most Notable in 2009 by the Gadberry GroupWake Forest NC grew 118% in 2009 BUT the Wake Forest NC Planning Board is constantly on top of the ever growing influx of new residents and is always one step ahead of the progress by creating and altering existing infrastructure.

The Wake Forest University Myth:  When people first hear “Wake Forest NC” they assume that Wake Forest NC CollegeWake Forest NC is the home to the acclaimed Wake Forest University. Actually we were the birthplace to the University!   The Wake Forest NC College moved to Winston-Salem where it then became a university.  To fully understand the rich history you can read any one of the posts written to help explain what happened. 

Now that I have you somewhat acclimated to the area and the deep rooted history that can be found here let’s explore what it’s like to actually LIVE IN WAKE FOREST NC!

Wake Forest NC Schools:  Our schools – oh, yes, our schools!  The Wake Forest NC Schools are
Heritage Middle and Elementary Schoolspart of the Wake County NC Public School District which is the 2nd largest in the State of North Carolina and #1 in the Country for Certified Teachers and WOW do we have some FABULOUS schools!  You may be coming from an area of the country that doesn’t have Year Round Schools – that’s okay!  You have a choice of Year Round or Traditional Schools in Wake Forest NC.  Year Round schools is an interesting concept that has stirred quite the discussions in the past few years. I can say that my son currently attends Year-Round School so, speaking from experience, I am always open to offer my opinion.  Currently we have the following schools in Wake Forest NC with plans of new ones to open in the near future:

There are a few other schools that some Wake Forest students may attend depending on what their address is and more schools slated to open within the next few years.  If you would like to see what school is assigned to an address in Wake Forest NC that you are interested in you can certainly check out the Student Assignment Resources section on my website, Wake Forest NC House Chick.

Taxes in Wake Forest NC:
  Taxes are assessed by both Wake County and Wake Forest. The 2009 rate for Wake County was .534 and the Wake Forest rate was .51. From speaking with the many people relocating to Wake Forest NC they are very impressed with our low tax rate in comparison to home prices and the cost of living. For more information on Wake County Taxes you can visit WakeGov.com – the most comprehensive site for taxes and government information on a county level. 

Wake Forest NC Parks and Recreation Swim LessonsWake Forest NC Parks and Recreation:  Wake Forest NC has an unbelievable network of Public Parks and Greenways that offer a multitude of activities!  Some has baseball diamonds, soccer fields, basketball courts, community centers, walking trails, outdoor ampitheatre, tennis courts, a dog park and a public swimming pool – and that’s JUST THE BEGINNING!  The Wake Forest NC Parks and Recreation Department offers MANY sports throughout the year.  There are Basketball, Football, and Baseball programs offered for both Youths and Adults.  You can also find a wide array of activities such as Aerobics classes, Painting classes, Quilting Classes, Tae Kwon Do, Yoga and SO much more!  There are summer camps for kids and the list just goes on!  The Wake Forest NC Parks and Recreation Department does an amazing job of providing experiences for both young and the young at heart!

Wake Forest NC Town Services:  Anything and everything that you could want or need is located right here in Wake Forest NC!  There is an amazing Public Library, a centrally located post office, Wake Forest NC Public Libraryand all town services departments are located in the NEW Town Hall which has it’s Grand Opening in September 2010The new Wake Forest NC Town Hall is located at 301 S. Brooks Street.  For a complete Guide of “Who To Call” you can download the Town of Wake Forest NC Staff Services Guide

Wake Forest NC Shops and Restaurants:  WOW!  There are so many choices for shopping and dining in Wake Forest NC!  Yes, we have the big box stores such as Target, WalMart, Home Depot and Lowes Home Improvement but it is the independently owned shops that truly offer a shopping experience!  In historic downtown Wake Forest there are MANY shops that can and WILL entice you – there is everything from upscale consignments shops, vintage shops, gift shops, an educational supply store, local book store, art galleries such as Sunflower Studio, and WAY more!  The Cotton Company in historic downtown Wake Forest hosts the monthly Art After Hours and is Wake Forest Coffee Companyfilled to the brim with shops and galleries!  Outside of the historic district there is always The Factory as an option!  Loaded with shops, restaurants and activities such as indoor soccer and a YMCA branch The Factory is definitely a destination place.  Are restaurants what you are interested in?  We do have the chains like Red Robin, The Olive Garden, Applebee’s and the like, but again, it is the independently owned FABULOUS restaurants that are a BIG draw!  We have amazing Italian restaurants, homemade gelato shop, the most incredible locally owned coffee shop Wake Forest Coffee Company, several wine shops such as The Twisted Vine, seafood and the list goes on – you could most definitely eat at a different restaurant for weeks in Wake Forest NC!

Wake Forest NC Real Estate:  The best advice I can offer up for information on Real Estate in Wake Forest NC is ME!  I am not a Real Estate Agent that lives somewhere else and blogs about Wake Forest NC.  I live here, work here and play here!  My family has dinner in the local restaurants, my son attends school in Wake Forest, I shop in the local stores, and I drive the communities in Wake Forest NC EVERYDAY!  I have many resources available on my website with people like you that are relocating to Wake Forest NC in mind!  You can find more in-depth information on all the categories above and so much more!  Please feel free to visit, Wake Forest NC House Chick, and also any of the blogs that I author such as:

Wake Forest NC is my home and I can help you with your transition in making it yours, too!  I look forward to helping you Move to Wake Forest NC…..



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