Dear Seller – Have You Checked Your Listing OnLine?

Dear Seller – Have You Checked Your Listing OnLine?

Trust is very important when it comes to selecting your real estate agent!  You must know that Trustthey have your best interest in mind and that they will go above and beyond to get your property sold for the most amount of money in the least amount of with a minimal amount of stress to you.  With that said……

I have seen VERY bad examples lately in the local Multiple Listing Service.  Many of the offending examples are:

  • Pictures – in the local Triangle Multiple Listing Service we are permitted to have 25 photos of a property.  (Please know that it is different in other parts of the country) Is YOUR agent doing their part in taking advantage of the multitude of pictures allowed?  The amount of pictures isn’t even as big a concern as the quality of pictures.  I have seen pictures of beds – not bedrooms, toilets – not bathrooms, dining room tables – not dining rooms and refrigerators – not kitchens.  There is a HUGE difference!
  • Descriptions – We have a limited amount of space with which to describe your property in MLS.  Is that space being maximized by your agent and drawing attention to the most important features of your property?  Lately I have seen some poor examples of descriptions – one of the worst was “Bring Offer”.  Mind you, this wasn’t a short sale or an REO but a Fair Market sale!
  • Details – Are the measurements in the MLS listing accurate?  Is the acreage correct?  What about the HOA (if there is one) is the propert information provided?  

I agree that it shouldn’t be your responsibility to have to verify that this information is correct but, let’s face it, mistakes can happen.  Perhaps it wasn’t your agent that entered the listing in MLS but rather an assistant that had a difficult time reading the handwriting.  Maybe at the time the pictures were taken it was a dark and cloudy day and therefore didn’t allow adequate sunlight for perfect pictures.

Always know that YOU CAN REQUEST that information be updated, revised or deleted.  Your real estate agent should know best how to market your property but it is always wise to double check it online yourself!

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