This Is Not A Baby Gate. It Is A Realtor Gate!

WOW!  My great friend Pat Kennedy wrote the following post and I didn’t realize just how MUCH I hate baby gates until she brought it up!

I understand that there are sellers that have baby gates through their homes for their children.  But when your home is being shown baby gates can become a HUGE obstacle!  There have been many occasions where I have been showing a home that has had a gate at the bottom, or the top, of stairs and we just never see the rest of the home.

You see, you can’t assume that everyone knows how to open those things and, besides, each on is different.  On top of that – I AM SHORT!  It is nearly impossible for me to try and step over one of those things.  And at the top of the stairs?  No doubt I would go tumbling all the way to the bottom of the stairs if I was on the second floor trying to step over a baby gate onto the stairs.  My buyers?  Forget it – they would have even venture up the stairs in the first place.

So, when you know your home is going to be previewed and you have baby gates please BE SURE that they are “open” so agents and buyers have FULL access to your ENTIRE home.


Via Patricia Kennedy (Evers & Company Realtors):

It was obvious that little children lived in the house.  While it was well staged and showed well, there was a sippy cup in the kitchen sink, a back yard swing set, and a baby gate at the top of the stairs to the second floor. 

Um, baby gate?

My client and I went up to check out the upstairs bedrooms and bath, and the gate swung shut behind us.  I didn’t think about it again until we had finished and were headed down. 

It wouldn’t open.

I couldn’t get it unhooked.  My client couldn’t figure the stupid thing out.  We were trapped!

The gate was too high for me to gracefully step over.  It was too high for me to ungracefully step over!  And the seller did what a good seller is supposed to do during a showing – she took the young one and went to the grocery store!

Luckily, I had the seller’s number on my I-Phone’s call list from when I called ahead to arrange the showing, and I punched “Call” I was hoping that it would be her cell phone and not a home number.  And it was her cell.  I got her in the produce aisle – phew!

It was one of those things that was easy to get open if you knew what you were doing.  She talked me through it.  We got it open and went downstairs.

Free at last!


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