Blue Jay Point Park – A Great Place To Spend the Day!

Blue Jay Point Park has a little bit for absolutely EVERYONE!  Between the lake, playgrounds, the baseball fields, soccer fields and trails it is simply a fantastic way to spend an afternoon!  My son is taking a field trip to Blue Jay Point Park this week with his school and I am so jealous – he will have a blast!   

Typically, we we go, we take advantage of the huge playground that is there but this time decided to explore some of the exhibits they have as well as some trails that we had never hiked before……AMAZINGThe Blue Jay Point Center is loaded with educational information about the Falls Lake Watershed, Recycling, the forest, insects, etc….Learned quite a bit about the region that I hadn’t know before!  Just outside of the center is the park’s garden.  It is loaded with fresh herbs, flowers and a pond filled with salamanders and other water insects.  It was truly beautiful!

Many of the trails are short but can join with others for longer hikes if you like.  They are all well planned and natural beauty is endless!  My favorite trail is the Laurel Loop Trail that has a spur off of it that leads you directly to the lakebreathtaking views!

I hope that you enjoy some of the photos I captured in the past – if you get the chance you should plan a whole day at the park.  In addition to the trails, nature center and playground they also have a softball field, soccer fields, picnic tables and grills – it is a great place to “be quiet” and enjoy some time outside….I know that we do!


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