Visiting Open Houses This Weekend? Get Prepared!

Visiting Open Houses This Weekend?  Get Prepared! 

If you are thinking about touring some Open Houses this weekend then it must mean that you Wake Forest NC Open Housesare finally ready to purchase a home.  Whether it is your first home or this is your second or third home Open Houses are a great way to get out and explore some new neighborhoods.  But, you have to be prepared!

There are a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind when you visit Open Houses and a few questions that you’ll want to ask:

  1. Be sure to have a few of your Buyer’s Agents business cards with you if you are not touring the Open Houses with your agent.  The agent holding the Open House works strictly for the seller, don’t let them tell you any different, so you’ll want to establish up front that you have exclusive Buyer’s Representation.
  2. Take a camera and a notepad with you.  With the permission of the agent holding the Open House you may want to take a few pictures to view at a later time.  While there will most likely be informational pieces made available to you at the Open House it is always a good idea to take notes of things that most interest you or that you dislike.  Be sure to label the house that you are taking notes on so as not to get confused later.
  3. Open drawers and doors!  I have seen way too many buyers tour Open Houses and they were afraid to open anything.  Go ahead, it’s an Open House – open the drawers and doors!
  4. Bring Your Questions!  While the agent at the Open House represents the sellers there are still a few questions that you can ask without giving away your negotiating stance. 
  • You’ll want to ask if there are any Homeowners Association Dues and, if so, how much per month are they and what do they cover? 
  • You’ll want to ask if the property is city water and sewer or if it is a private well and septic.
  • If important to you, what schools are assigned to this location?
  • Where are the local amenities located if there are any such as the pool, tennis courts, playground, etc.
  • Why is this home “better” than the home down the street that is for sale? 
  • How long has the home been on the market?
  • Where are the nearest public services located such as the post office, fire station, police station, hospital, etc.

You get the idea – don’t be afraid to ask questions!  Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make – you may make it more than once but regardless, it is one of the most biggest financial decisions you’ll make and it needs to “feel right”.  The only way that’s going to happen is if you ask the questions that are important to YOU!  So, sit down before you start touring tomorrow or Sunday and really have a heart to heart with yourself and others involved in this with you – what is important to YOU!

Oh, and my last piece of advice???  Wear comfortable shoes!!!!!  It can get very tiring if you plan on visiting more than two homes.  Other that that – HAVE FUN and I hope you find your dream home!  If you are wanting to find some Open Houses in Wake Forest NC this weekend don’t miss my cool Open House Tool!  All the latest Open Houses are there directly from the Multiple Listing Service.  It’s FREE so go for it!


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