Give Buyers and Their Agents The Time and Space They Need

Give Buyers and Their Agents The Time and Space They Need

It can be tempting when your home is listed to stick around while it is being shown to buyers so you be sure all the finer details are pointed out but, honestly?  It is the worst decision you can make and for many different reasons.

First, your listing agent has more than likely done a fantastic job in advertising and marketing your property.  It’s obvious they have or why else would you have buyers interested in seeing your home.  If you question the job that they are doing then why are you still listed with them?

Secondly, the agent that is showing your home has already received all the information they need from your agent and other various sources such as tax records and public resources.  They will know what to point out to their buyers.

But, most importantly, the buyers and their agent need privacy while previewing your home so that they can openly make observations about your home, compare it to other homes that they have seen and they need to feel comfortable opening closet doors, cabinets, etc.  They need to freely be able to take their time in previewing your home to explore ALL areas of your home.  Your home is YOUR home and what is important to you may not be important to the next buyer.  They aren’t YOU.  They have their own wants and needs and at this point have already found something interesting about your home of they wouldn’t be there in the first place.

The worst thing that can happen during a showing is to have a seller follow on the heels of a home showingbuyer and their agent watching their every move and incessantly trying to “sell” their home.  A buyer will feel nothing but pressure and most definitely be put off.  They have hired an agent to represent them in the search and purchase of their home – THAT is who they trust.  While YOU as a buyer may feel there are special details in your home keep in mind that they may be only important to you.  You are the one with the emotional attachment to your home and you simply can not transfer that emotion to the buyer.

So, please remember, when your home is being shown it is best to simply leave. 
Give the buyer and their agent some room to breathe and “experience” the home.  Trust that your agent will follow up with the buyers agent to discuss any questions there may be or to seek valuable feedback.


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