Just Because It’s A Buyer’s Market Doesn’t Mean You Can Wait!

Just Because It’s A Buyers Market Doesn’t Mean You Can Wait!

A Buyer’s Market doesn’t just mean there are a ton of houses for sale at great prices.  It also means that there are other buyers out there that are taking advantage of this historic time!

If you are SERIOUS about buying a home right now then get your ducks in a row and get off that
Buyers Market fence!  I have witnessed on several occasions now a buyer that finds the right property at the right price – woo hoo!  It’s magic!  Well, not quite.  The buyer will hesitate to put an offer on the property because they want to take their time and make sure nothing else comes on the market that meets their needs or they want to see if the seller will reduce the list price more.  Seriously?  Trust me, there are other buyers out there.  Just because a home that you are interested in hasn’t sold YET doesn’t mean that a buyer won’t enter the market tomorrow and see it for the deal it really is. 

There have been too many homes “lost” lately all because of buyer hesitation.  I think other another word might also be greedy!  It is truly understandable that buyers want to get the best deal possible.  Trust me, I get that and it is my job to see that you get the best deal possible.  However, there does come a time when enough is enough and either you are serious about buying a home or you are not.  If you are working with a Realtor® and they have done their due diligence in providing you with all of the statistical information such as comps, etc. and on paper the home is a deal and physically it meets and even exceeds your needs and wants then take my advice – BUY IT!  

If you are starting your search for homes for sale in Wake Forest NC and you need a Buyer’s Agent I would be happy to help!  Please don’t hesitate to call me or simply send me an email. 


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