Who Wants A PopTart? They’re Quick and Easy but Really Not Satisfying!

Do you know what a PopTart is?  Besides the yummy, sugar-filled breakfast treat it is also the nickname given to Real Estate agents that “pop up” and run out the door at the drop of a hat when a buyer or seller calls. 

If that is what you are seeking in a Real Estate agent then I am not be the one for you.

I love it when I receive emails and phone calls from people that are interested in moving to the area or need help in selling their current home – That’s a given.  I take my job seriously and this is not something that I do “on the side”.  It is important to me that I work with serious buyers and sellers.  I respect my buyers and sellers time and expect nothing less in return.  Each day is filled with WORK from 6am until 7pm at night.  Here are some differences between a PopTart agent and me:

PopTart Agent


  • Will agree to meet you at a home in 15 mins when they have never net you before

  • Will NOT meet you at a home until we have discussed your wants and needs, your buying power and commitment to the process

  • Will send you every comp in your neighborhood via email to help you determine your list price for your home

  • Will NOT send you comps but will require a personal visit to your home to determine what it is about your home that stands out

  • Could care less if you email them back because they are answering every ridiculous email/phone call and just KNOW that one of them will eventually turn into business

  • DO expect you to return my emails or phone calls in a timely manner.  The time I spend working for you is valuable to me and therefore I do expect the same in return

  • Will show you homes without a prequalification letter or knowing your lender

  • Will not show you homes until I have spoken directly with your lender and have a pre-APPROVAL letter in my file

  • Will leave their son’s soccer game on a Saturday because you are sitting in front of a home that you just “have to see” at that very moment because you’ll be too busy later at your own child’s birthday party

  • Will NOT jeopardize my family time for a whim.  If there is a home that you want to see that you think “fits” your needs I can research it and make an appropriate appointment and a mutually acceptable time for you, me AND the seller


wake forest nc house chickIf you see a common theme throughout then you are correct – it is RESPECT!  I work very hard each and everyday and will ALWAYS do my best to take care of my most serious Buyers and Sellers. 

When you are ready to start your home search and you have reached the point that you are seeking a serious, dedicated, a highly committed Realtor® then by all means, give me a call.  I will do everything I can to help you find that home of your dreams. 

If you are serious about selling your home and you are seeking advice from a professional that knows the area, has top notch marketing skills and is dedicated to getting your home sold for the most amount of money in the least amount of time then I am just that Realtor® you are looking for and I am only a phone call away!


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