Sometimes It Just Isn’t Meant To Be

I am not sure why people stay in relationships whether personal or professional when one is not happy.  Believe me, if one is not happy then, chances are, neither is the other.  There is no need for pretending to get along or protecting the other persons feelings.

When I enter into a Listing Agreement with a seller it is not because I am so excited that they picked me.  It is because I believe that their property will be a salable listing for me.  I feel that they, as sellers and an active participant during the listing period, will listen to my expert advice when it comes to selling their home.  They will heed my advice when it comes to pricing their property appropriately, they will complete my pre-listing checklist before listing their home, and they will be serious about recommendations I may make along the way.  In return, I will provide unparalleled marketing for their property getting their home in front of as many potential buyers as possible and keep their best interest in the forefront at all times.  They will have my unwavering loyalty, dedication and commitment.

There may come a time though when the honeymoon period is over.  Should I ever feel that a seller has lost their commitment to the home selling process or become closed off to my communication I will first suggest “counseling”.  After we have discussed where we may have taken different paths throughout the relationship we can certainly try again to get back on track.

But, should the time come when it is best to part I will never lock a seller into an agreement untilwake forest nc house chick the end.  Why would I do that?  I would rather release myself and a seller from an agreement and part amicably.  Let’s BOTH move on to mutually beneficial relationships. 

Some advice for potential sellers:

  • Clearly define your expectations for your Realtor® BEFORE signing a listing agreement
  • Thoroughly review the listing contract BEFORE signing it
  • In conjunction with your Realtor® you need to schedule periodic updates.  With scheduled updates you can BOTH be prepared with questions and concerns
  • LISTEN to what your Realtor® expects from you and if you feel you can not fulfill those expectations then be honest up front instead of wasting your time and your Realtors® time
  • If at some point you become dissatisfied with your Realtor® you need to communicate with them – don’t wait until you are so angry or disheartened that nothing they say will make it better

If all fails and the agreement does have to be terminated, don’t feel bad, sometimes it just isn’t meant to be.


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