Wake Forest Cultural Arts Association Plays A Vital Role in Keeping Wake Forest Exciting!

So, just who is behind some of the exciting things that go on in Wake ForestWake Forest Cultural Arts AssociationThe Wake Forest Cultural Arts Association, of course! 

The WFCAA was formed in 1988 to reinforce the positive identity of Wake Forest as a distinct community.  Like so many other parts of the country smaller communities get blended in with their larger counterparts only to lose their individuality.  NOT Wake Forest!  There is still a distinct richness Wake Forest retaines with the help, vision and direction of the WFCAA.  It is their mission to enhance the cultural life of Wake Forest to further enrich the lives of it’s residents.  They support numerous art programs and support the local artists.

You know all of the events I mention such as Artists Studio Tours, Historic Homes Tours, Autumn Arts Festival, Six Sundays in Spring, and the Garden Tour?  Well, it is WFCAA that supports these efforts and continues to see that they continually evolve.

WCFAA is also a founder and supporter of the Wake Forest Singers which is a group of community singers that present an annual Spring concert as well as perform at various town functions throughout the year. 

For more information regarding Wake Forest Cultural Arts Association and how you may become involved please explore their website.   There you can find the latest copy of their newsletter, meeting times (which are open to the public), and a calendar of events.


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