Four Walls and A Roof Do Not Make A Home

Four Walls and A Roof Do Not Make A Home

I meet all kinds of buyers every day.  And, I do mean, ALL kinds.  I meet first time homebuyers,wake forest nc homes for sale seasoned buyers looking to move up or even downsize, young couples, families, and every type in between.  Regardless, all of them have one thing in common when they come to me, they want to buy a house, of course. 

More often than not the buyer will present me with a laundry list of wants/needs.  Actually, I am starting to think that there is a script that they all read; I know the phone calls by heart now. 

“Hi, we are looking for a home with 2000 – 2200 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a 2 car garage, large kitchen, nice yard and in a friendly neighborhood.”

Well, that just about describes 75% of the homes for sale in Wake Forest NC and if you seriously want me to fire back some homes that fit that criteria then you better be prepared to peruse pages of homes that will take you days to weed through.  And, I certainly hope you don’t think that I will show you hundreds of homes on your quest for the perfect home.

So much more goes into finding that perfect home than the basics.  If you are searching for a home then you must sit down first and ask yourself some serious questions first.  You will need to find what it is that you are looking for in a home – what function will it serve? 

A few questions that might help you get started in discovering what you want in a home are:

  • How close do you want to live to others?  Is a property lot less than .25 acre big enough?  Do you need more privacy where more than an acre might suit you better?
  • How close do you need/want to be to work?  Will you be using private or public transportation?
  • If you have children do you want to be close to public parks? 
  • Do you like to entertain?  If so, are you a formal dining room kind of person or an open kitchen/family room casual entertainer?
  • Do you like cookouts where you will need a deck and possibly a screened in porch?
  • Do you like your master bedroom to be on the first floor or on the second floor with the other bedrooms?
  • Even in a subdivision you can be far away from amenities such as grocery shopping, banking etc.  Think about how far “out” you may or may not want to live.
  • Does the exterior of the home matter to you?  Maintenance free vinyl, brick or hardiplank – what’s your pick?
  • Do you have pets?  Will you need to search for a home with a fenced in yard or can you be prepared to pay the cost of having a fence added?

Those are obviously just a few questions that you can ask yourself to get you on the right path for searching for a HOME and not just a HOUSE.  It is important to start defining what you are looking for in a home before you start searching.  If you don’t you will get frustrated – trust me, I have seen it happen. 

Approach your home buying experience from the heart – discover the feeling that you are searching for in your home!  Remember, Four Walls and A Roof Do Not Make a Home!

If you just starting your home search for homes for sale in Wake Forest NC then please feel free to give me a call or simply send me an email!  I would be happy to help you define your search and set you on the right path to finding the perfect home.


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