I don’t need no stinkin’ REALTOR®! I can sell my house myself!


Selling your home by yourself without a Realtor® can be done!  However, if you were to really make a list of the pros and cons you’ll find that it is better to hire a professional.  My good friend, Tish Lloyd, down in the lovely town of Wrightsville Beach, NC has posted a very thought provoking article on just why you need a Realtor® when it’s time to sell your home.

I hope you take a minute to read through – it’s worth it!  If you are thinking of For Sale By Owner you may just want to ask yourself some of the questions near the end of this post.  If you find that you want to speak with a dedicated, professional and well-versed Real Estate agent in the Wake Forest NC area then by all means, give me a call or send me an email – I would be glad to help!

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Via Tish Lloyd Real Estate Agent Wrightsville Beach, NC (Prudential Laney Real Estate 910.547.1446):

“I don’t need no stinkin’ REALTOR®!  I can sell my house myself!” 

Look, I get that times are tough, and saving money wherever we can is important to everyone.  But selling your house really isn’t the place to cut corners and hope for the best. FSBO sign 

I am perfectly aware that selling a house isn’t brain surgery.  But there are skills and training needed to do it well.  I mean, I can change the oil in my car, but not as efficiently or cost effectively as my mechanic.  That’s why I pay him to do it.  Not because I can’t, but because he can do it better.  He saves me time and trouble, so he’s well worth it.

That’s why you need a Real Estate Agent to sell your home.  There are legalities involved that many are unaware of.  Pricing a property correctly is an art and the ability to do it well takes training and experience.  It takes knowledge about the local market and trends.  Marketing is not just tossing a dart and hoping it finds the right target, it takes the right tools and knowledge.  Negotiating a contract takes skill and expertise. 

It’s not that you can’t do it.  Of course you can.  But can you handle all the legal aspects?  Do you understand the contracts?  Do you know how to price your property to sell?  Can you market your home effectively?  Do you know how to compete with short sales and foreclosures in your local market?  Will you be able to step back and negotiate a contract from a business point of view versus a Sellers’ point of view?   I’Dollar Signsve been a Seller, I know how hard it is to take the “personal” out of the negotiations.  Do you know how to handle Home Inspection issues?  Do you understand the different types of appraisals and could you challenge one, should it come in low?  Do you really want to represent yourself and possibly leave money on the table? 

Statistics have shown that the typical FSBO sells slower and for less money when compared to homes which are listed by a Real Estate Agent.  For example:  In 2008 FSBO’s accounted for 13% of Home Sales.  The typical FSBO home sold for $153,000 compared to $211,000 for agent-assisted home sales.  Source: NAR.

A Licensed Real Estate Professional will represent you and your best interests; they’ll protect you from the many pitfalls and, contrary to popular belief, will save you money.

Of course, as always, it’s your call . . .


Tish Lloyd, REALTOR®

Broker Associate

NC Real Estate Lic. 269076

Prudential Laney Real Estate

527 Causeway Drive

Wrightsville Beach, NC  28480


 Everything’s better at the beach . . .


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