Observations From The Road – A Realtor® Turned Buyer: Outdoor Flyers

This past week was filled with family, fun and sun!  And a little house-hunting.  Okay, a LOT of house hunting!  It was wonderful to take off my Realtor® hat and not answer the phone (I did occasionally), not answer the emails (unless they were critical) and to just enjoy my family and time away from home.

It’s always interesting to see what is going on real estate wise in other parts of the country, different terms that are used and how homes are advertised.  This trip was no exception and the lessons learned were invaluable.  Through a series of posts I thought I would give my opinions on what we saw or didn’t see and hopefully give us all a little something to think about.

First up is OUTDOOR FLYERS!  I have never been huge on flyers.  They are a pain to keep up to date with information and even more of a pain to keep stocked.  However, I think I have come to the other side of the proverbial fence on this one….

We found that while driving around looking at houses we WANTED the flyers out front and not only did we want flyers we wanted:

  • a PRICE on the flyer
  • Specifics such as bedrooms, baths, formals, sq ft,
  • Pictures – pictures PLEASE!  Preferably color photos.

We found so many EMPTY flyer boxes and when we did find flyers they were horrible!  Here is what we deemed “wrong” with the flyers we did find:

  • Black and White photos.  Many times the photos were out of focus and they were in black and white.  I am not sure about you but you really can’t discern much from a black and white photo.
  • A picture of the front of the house ONLY!  First of all, I am sitting in front of the house so I already know what it looks like.  I want to see pictures of the inside of the house and the back yard.  While I am sure that in YOUR mind the picture of the front of house is there for me to remember the house later it still won’t stand out because I know nothing of the inside of the house.
  • No price!  If you think it is a ploy to get me to call you then you are wrong.  Unless I am sitting in front of the Taj Mahal and think it might be in my price range – I am not calling!  There are WAY too many other homes on the market for me to say NEXT!
  • Specifics Please!  I don’t need to know that it is located conveniently to whatever highway or shopping is near by – odds are I took that highway to get to the home.  I need to know more about the inside of the home.  Is it an open floorplan?  Does it have a fireplace?  Breakfast room?  Formals?  Marble or granite counters?  Any upgrades?  And for goodness sake, PLEASE tell me how many bedrooms and baths the home has.
  • Photo-copies of copies.  Seriously?  Many of the flyers were copies of copies of COPIES making the print and the pictures even WORSE!
AND HERE WAS A BIG ONE THAT STOOD OUT TO US!  Jon was appalled to see it and if I were the seller I would fire you in a heartbeat!!!!
  • Advertising on the back of the flyer all of the other homes that you have for sale.  While I MIGHT could see it if the homes were in a totally different price point these weren’t!  They were listings that were in the same price range as the home the flyer was in front of.  What are you telling the seller?  You are essentially telling the seller that THEIR home is no better than the other homes.  The seller DESERVES their own flyer and needs to know that YOU as their AGENT are putting THEIR best interests forward.  They came to YOU to sell THEIR house – not all of the other homes you may have listed.

It’s funny, Jon could get past all of the other misfortunes on the flyers but he STILL is talking about the advertising of other properties on the back of flyers.

Through all of this it is up to you as to whether you will do flyers for your listings.  I will say as a BUYER I loved the flyers and YES, we did make appointments for a few of the homes that we saw based on the GOOD flyers.  If you DO decide to do flyers please be sure that they are professional, crisp and cleanHave your contact information on them so people can get in touch with you (yes, some lacked that) and be sure that you are giving buyers the information that they want!

And one last little recommendation…….have your flyer box at an appropriate level so the kids riding in the back seat can jump out and grab the flyer!  HAHAHA!!  Liam was our Flyer Grabber and he couldn’t reach a few of the boxes.  What’s even funner???  I am only 5 feet tall and I COULDN’T REACH A FEW OF THE BOXES!!!!!


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