Observations From The Road – A Realtor® Turned Buyer: Mobile Apps – ZILLOW WINS!

android xThere were so many things that we noticed while on vacation from a BUYERS PERSPECTIVE that I just have to blog about them.  The first post I did Observations From The Road – A Realtor® Turned Buyer: Outdoor Flyers got a ton of comments and opinions about Outdoor Flyers but I think my post may have been a bit misunderstood.  Again, these posts are from a buyer’s perspective.  So, if you missed that post and want to catch up just click the link above. 

Before leaving on our trip I had already had MANY apps loaded on my Android X for Real Estate.  Here are few that we used – the ones we absolutely LOVED and the ones that didn’t work so well for us.  These are just our opinions.

  • Zillow – while many of you know that I DON’T LIKE Zillow for their Zestimates I have to sayzillow search that the Zillow mobile app rocked beyond belief and did way above and beyond!  I was able to turn my GPS on and have the app track where we were and “move with me” down the street.  Any home that was for sale popped up and we were able to get ALL the information we needed – LOVED IT!  
  • Zip Realty – Well, it’s kind of obvious for this one – if Zip Realty isn’t a prevalent company in the target area then you aren’t going to get any homes for sale which is what the case was where we were.
  • Realtor.com – We were REALLY disappointed with this app.  I had tested this app here is Wake Forest many times and it is just NEVER accurate.  There are homes for sale that are simply not in the mobile app.  Try as I might to refine the search or keep hitting the “More Listings” button the homes would just not come up.  In OUR opinion it was just not as user friendly and appealing as Zillow.
  • HotPads – a pretty nifty app that we could pull up both rentals and homes for sale.  Didn’t have some of the “cool” features like the other apps but still pretty useful!
  • MyNewPlace – this app is strictly for rentals and from what we could tell it seemed to be pretty up to date.  There is no map feature for this app but it does list all the properties for rent.  It was overwhelming at times though to have to weed through the actual apartment complexes to get to the private rentals.

gpsI am sure there are many other apps available that we didn’t get to try out but I have to say again…….ZILLOW hands down was our favorite!  It offered a VERY user friendly interface, provided an abundance of pertinent information for the properties for sale and the properties for rent.  If you haven’t downloaded Zillow on your smartphone already you might want to go ahead and do it and EXPLORE!

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